Why do knit fabrics provide excellent insulation and warmth but tend to be poor insulators under windy conditions?

due to pore size in a knit fabric or in other words the larger space between the warp and the filling yarns cannot adequately protect the skin from wind, but the yarn and that larger pore size in still air conditions can be a great insulator by providing lots of area for dead air to live in.

Why does a high cut knit machine produce a fine fabric not a coarse fabric?

A Highcut machine produces a fine fabric and not a coarse fabric because the higher the number of cuts means a higher number of needles, thus a higher wales-per-inch fabric can be produced. … It merely involves using the properly colored yarns in the appropriate feeds of the weft knitting machine.

-Three reasons why knits are popular on the market are the movement, mobility and elasticity, how the fabrics mold and fit to the body and, lastly, for it recovery from wrinkles. … If they were to be put on a hanger the weight of the garment would stretch the fabric over the hanger.

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What are three important property differences between knitted terry fabric and woven terry fabric?

What are three important property differences between knitted terry fabric and woven terry fabric? –knitted has improved drape, absorbency, and greater strength.

What is the best storage method for weft knitted fabric?

11. Why should most garments made from weftknitted fabric constructions be folded and stored on shelves and put in drawers rather than hung on a hanger in a closet? Garments made from weftknitted fabrics should not be crowded into a closet because it will distort the pile.

Which fabric is least likely to snag?

Plain weave is the simplest weave and the most commonly used. Each yarn simply goes over and under, over and under without any floating yarns and as a result this weave has the highest number of interlacing points, making a tightly woven fabric that does not snag easily.

What is the most rapid textile production?

the most rapid textile production is. tricot. Laid in yarns in weft and warp knitting.: improve stability of knit fabrics.

How individual values can affect clothing choices?

For e.g.: People with high religious values are inclined to put less emphasis on clothes while those with high economic or esthetic values are more inclined towards clothing. An attitude towards clothing also varies with the socio- economic status or the occupation of the person.

Who is Lulu Tan Gan?

Since 1985, Lulu Tan-Gan has been considered the Philippine Queen of Knitwear thanks to an iconic line that redefined the position of knitted garments and accessories in the local fashion scene. Over the years, her work has played up local motifs and reimagined traditional garb for a new age.

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What are the two main branches of the knitting industry?

The two main branches are (1) knitted yard goods industry; and (2) knitted end product industry. The knitted yard goods industry produces and sells fabrics to manufacturers of apparel.

What is the major use of knitted fabrics in the home?

Knitted fabrics are generally light in weight, comfortable in wear even during travel, but yet require little care to keep their neat appearance. The tendency of knits to resist wrinkling is another factor to boost up their popularity. Knitted fabrics are used for designing active clothing such as sports clothing.

Is cotton knit or woven?

The terms “woven” and “knit” do not refer to specific fabrics, but rather the design or the way the fabric is put together. For instance, cotton is a type of fiber that comes in both knit and woven designs. Each structure can be further classified into construction type; how they are knit together.

Is knit fabric good for summer?

Knit fabrics have a soft texture and great breathability. In the hot season, knitted garments allow the body to breathe, in cold weather, on the contrary, keep you warm. … Products made from knit fabric can be thin, airy, warm and cozy. Easy to care.

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