When Mama doesn’t give Dee the quilts Maggie feels what?

In Alice Walker’s short story “Everyday Use,” Mama feels comfortable leaving the quilts to Maggie rather than to Dee (Wangero) for a number of reasons, including the following: She wants to affirm Maggie, who lacks the self-confidence that Dee possesses in abundance. Dee doesn’t need much affirmation from others.

How does Maggie feel about the quilts?

Unlike her sister, Dee, Maggie loves the family quilts because she knows the people whose lives and stories are represented by them. She even knows how to quilt herself. Her mother has promised Maggie the quilts, which Dee has already once refused, when she gets married because they are meaningful to her.

What does Mama do to show that the quilts belong to Maggie?

When Mama tells Dee that she’s already promised the family quilts to Maggie, Dee actually calls Maggie “backward” because Maggie would put the quilts to “everyday use.” This is precisely what Mama would want her to do.

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How does mama feel about Maggie and Dee?

Mama is brutally honest and often critical in her assessment of both Dee and Maggie. She harshly describes shy, withering Maggie’s limitations, and Dee provokes an even more pointed evaluation. Mama resents the education, sophistication, and air of superiority that Dee has acquired over the years.

Why does the mother give the quilts to Maggie?

When Mama gives the quilts the Maggie, she ensures that the family heritage will stay alive in the manner she prefers. By using the quilts and making her own when they wear out, Maggie will add to the family’s legacy, rather than distancing herself from it.

Does Mama regret giving Maggie the quilts?

By giving the quilts to Maggie, Mama in a sense merely fulfills her promise. Mama had previously offered Dee a quilt, years earlier, but the offer had been rejected since quilts at that time were out of style. Maggie’s appreciation of the quilts has been long and consistent and will remain so.

Why does Dee think Maggie should not have the quilts?

Answer: because Maggie does not appreciate their artistic value. In “Everyday Use,” Dee believes that Maggie does not deserve to have the quilts that their grandmother made. Dee believes that the quilts are an artistic piece, and that they should not be devalued by using them everyday in the way Maggie would like to.

Why does Dee think Mama and Maggie don’t understand their heritage?

Dee thinks Mama and Maggie don’t understand their heritage because they don’t change from it. In Dee’s mind, Maggie and Mama lack the “Ethnic Pride” to leave the historical borders and live a prosperous life. In saying ‘”You ought to try to make something of yourself, too, Maggie.

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What terrible thing happened to Maggie when she was a child?

From when she was seven years old until she was 14, Maggie was raped on multiple occasions by the three foster boys. The main offender was a boy named Dan. After one incident with Dan, Maggie reported the abuse to her foster mother.

How do Dee and her boyfriend contrast with Mama and Maggie?

Dee thinks that her mother and sister are living incorrectly and tries to change their lifestyle and Mom and Maggie dee’s way of life seems funny to them and they fear Dee. … When Dee and her boyfriend arrive Maggie hides behind her mother and feels uncomfortable. Dee likes good food, costly dresses and jewelry.

What is the conflict between Dee and Maggie?

The main conflict of the story “Everyday Use” is that Dee wants the quilt to show off with her friends, but mama wants to give the quilt to Maggie, because she thinks Maggie will “use” it everyday; not just showing off their heritage everyday.

How does Mama feel about her daughters?

Mama loves both of her daughters, but we sense that Mama dislikes Dee; she knows that Dee is embarrassed by her–the way she looks, the way she talks, the way she lives. … She has forgotten that Mama and Maggie are part of her heritage too.

What does Maggie do when she sees Dee arriving?

When Dee arrives, Mama grips Maggie to prevent her from running back into the house. Dee emerges from the car with her boyfriend, Hakim-a-barber. Mama disapproves of the strange man’s presence and is equally disapproving of Dee’s dress and appearance.

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