What is fussy cutting in quilting?

First, in words – according to Google, “A fussy cut is a piece of fabric that’s been cut to target a specific area of a print, rather than cutting the yardage into random pieces.” Fussy cutting then is the process of cutting your quilt fabric so that you get the specific area of the pattern from your fabric in exactly …

What does fussy cut in quilting mean?

The term “Fussy Cutting” simply means to intentionally cut a piece of fabric that features a specific detail or image, leaving nothing to chance. It’s not the most economical way to cut fabric, but we quilters know…

Why do we use fussy cutting?

Fussy cutting is, put simply, choosing which bit of a print to highlight when you cut and place your patchwork shapes, so that when you position several units together, the smaller pattern pieces come together to form new and eye-catching formations. Read on for our how to guide.

What is fuzzy cutting?

What is Fuzzy cutting? But what is fuzzy cutting? It is as simple as cutting out an object around it’s edges. You can choose to cut close to the edge, or leave a white edge around the design. The cut out design can be used as a scrapbooking stickers in your scrapbook album, or as a design on your DIY cards.

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