What does TBL mean in knitting terms?

The modifier tbl indicates that stitches should be knitted through the back loop. For example, “p2tog tbl” indicates that two stitches should be purled together through the back loop. kwise and pwise connote “knitwise” and “purlwise”, usually referring to a slip stitch. insertion point of stitch.

What does knit through back of loop mean?

When knitting through the back of the loop, you’re changing the direction from which the needle enters the stitch. By knitting through the back of the loop (abbreviated ktbl), you deliberately twist the stitch and create a different effect. … You can purl into the front and back of a stitch as well.

What is KFB in knitting?

Knitting in the front and back (or KFB as it’s known in patterns) is a rather easy stitch that will increase the number of stitches in your project. This stitch basically turns one stitch into two. … This stitch is often used in sweater patterns.

Do you knit into the front or back of a yarn over?

Working a regular yarn over —bring the yarn to the front between the two needles and then to the back over the right needle. … If the next stitch is a knit bring it to the back between the needles. Backwards yarn overs result in a stitch that’s mounted on the needles with the leading leg at the back.

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