What does St st mean in crochet?

sc = single crochet, one of the most basic and often-used crochet stitches. sk = skip; for example, you may skip the next chain and work into the following one, indicated by the term sk ch (ship chain) sl st = slip stitch, the method used to join rounds in crochet as well as a stitch used on its own.

What does wrong side mean in crochet?

What does Wrong Side mean? When crocheting stitches, the part of the stitch that is not facing you as you work is called the Wrong Side. A better way to think of this is the back of your work.

Is there a UK single crochet?

Although UK and US terms are very similar, single crochet is only a US term. It’s known as double crochet in the UK, and is the simplest crochet stitch.

Why are UK and US crochet terms different?

Here’s one way you can try to remember the difference between American and British terms for stitches: British stitches are one step up from American stitches. So for example, the American single crochet is the same as the British double crochet. The American double crochet is the same as the British treble crochet.

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What is the difference between SC and DC crochet?

Remember to ch 1 at the end of every row before turning your work to start the next row. A half double crochet stitch (hdc) produces a tight fabric, and is in between the height of single crochet (sc) and double crochet (dc). … Pull the yarn up through the stitch so you have 3 loops of yarn on your hook.

Is there a right and wrong side to single crochet?

When you’re talking about the right or wrong side of a piece of crocheted fabric, the first row of stitches (not counting the foundation chain) is generally considered the right side. … To work your next row of stitches into the chain stitches, you have to know where to insert your hook.

When crocheting in the round which side is the right side?

Basically, when you are crocheting in a round, the right side is the side facing you. Since I am right-handed, however, as I continue crocheting, the ball starts to curve towards me. The ‘right’ side is now on the inside of the ball, and the back side is on the outside.

Does double crochet have a right side?

Sara Dudek worked this hat from the top down starting in double crochet and chain stitches. As with the previous two patterns, the first round is labeled the right side. Therefore, when you reach the first puff stitches in Round 8, the wrong side becomes the right side.

Do you crochet through both loops?

Typically, when you crochet you insert your hook under both the front and back loops of the V. But when a pattern asks you to crochet into the back loop, you insert your hook into the back loop only and make your stitch as instructed.

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What is slip stitch in crochet?

Slip stitch is a basic crochet stitch that every crocheter should know. … You can use slip stitch to join pieces together, add decorative elements, and finish projects with simple edging. Patterns may call for slip stitch as a way to work a smaller stitch, as it’s shorter than a single crochet.

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