Is Bloodvine set worth it without tailoring?

Do you need tailoring for Bloodvine?

Bloodvine (3) set: Increased Critical Spell requires Tailoring (300) to be active. Learning the recipes or earning Zandalar tribe reputation is not a requirement for this effect.

Why is the Bloodvine set so good?

In a pure PvE dps matter, the set+goggles gives a whopping 6% spell hit + 3% from tree. This in itself plus the 83 spell power and 1% crit makes it better than almost anything else you can get. T2 legs and Primalist’s Linked Leggards are also comparable if you don’t have 300 tailoring for the 2% spell crit set bonus.

Is Bloodvine bis a warlock?

Bloodvine is phase 4, and not Phase 1 pre-bis. Their damage will start to come online once they have hit rating from gear.

Is Bloodvine good for PvP?

Thanks! Bloodvine sucks for PvP because it lacks stamina. T2 is a great balance of stamina and spellpower. I sometimes rock T1 pieces for some extra stamina when I’m doing big WPvP battles and only popping off sappers/mortars and just try to survive as much as possible.

How much does Bloodvine sell for?

since the naxxramas patch the price has multiplied about 5-10 times. so expect to pay around 50-120g unless you are very lucky. the reason for the high price is that these are used for new craftable nature resistance armor from cenarion circle.

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Do mages use Bloodvine?

With 3pc Bloodvine, mages can hit spell cap. So if you go 3pc then Mindtear Band is acually better than Band of Forced Concentration, because the extra 1% hit is wasted.

Is Bloodvine bis a mage?

If you are a fresh 60, yes the bloodvine set will be bis. This server isn’t in the final end of vanilla patch stat that most private server use, so all the hit dungeon peices (turban, pearls, banthok) are not in the game.

Is Bloodvine set good in TBC?

One of the best armor sets if you cant get into a big raiding guild, easy to make if you can get into ZG easily.

Is it worth buying Bloodvine set?

Getting the actual bloodvine is more problematic than getting the rep. Something to keep in mind with Bloodvine is even though they’re BoE you need 300 tailoring for the +2% crit set bonus. As a mage yes it’s worth it, due to Bloodvine set bonuses. That’s assuming you are dedicated enough to level a herbalism alt.

How do I get Bloodvine gear?

The main bottleneck material for the Bloodvine set is of course Bloodvine. These can only be obtained from herbing in Zul’Gurub if you have the Blood Scythe. Rogues can actually solo farm most of the herbalism nodes inside the instance. Most other classes can also duo farm the nodes.

Where do you get Bloodvine patterns?

This item can be purchased in Stranglethorn Vale .

Is Bloodvine good for shadow priests?

The bloodvine would only be to help him progress in PVE. Its great damage but no stamina.

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