Do you need tailoring to wear spellfire?

User Info: macondead. Spellfire set requires spellfire tailoring to wear it, so chances are you won’t be able to anymore.

How do you get spellfire tailor?

Becoming a Spellfire Tailor

To obtain this quest you need to have 350 proficency in Tailoring, and be ready to travel to Netherstorm. To complete the quest, travel to Netherstorm and defeat the level 70 Nether-Wraith elemental that spawns when you use the quest item.

Can you unlearn spellfire tailoring?

Unlearns Spellfire tailoring, allowing you to choose another tailoring specialization. Unlearns Spellfire tailoring, allowing you to choose another tailoring specialization.

Where do you get spellfire cloth?

Comment by 12727. So to make Shadowcloth, you have to fly to the back end of Shadowmoon Valley, ride past level 70 air elementals (if you can’t fly yet), transmute at the Altar of Shadows, and go all the way back. To make Spellcloth, you have to go up to Netherstorm, and fight off an angry elemental each time.

How do you learn mooncloth tailoring?

Becoming a Mooncloth Tailor

While you can learn 350 Tailoring as early as level 50, the quest requires at least level 60. To complete the quest, travel to the Moonwell located at Cenarion Refuge in Zangarmarsh and use the provided quest item, then travel back to Shattrath City to complete the quest.

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How do you make Spellstrike TBC?

Spellstrike Hood is a Cloth helm that can be crafted by Tailors with a skill of 375. The pattern for this item, Pattern: Spellstrike Hood, has a chance to drop for Tailors from Grand Warlock Nethekurse in The Shattered Halls. Crafting this item requires 10 Spellcloth, 5 Primal Might and 1 Primal Nether.

How do you specialize tailoring TBC?

To learn a Tailoring Specialization, you must be at least level 60 and have 350 Tailoring.

  1. Becoming a Spellfire Tailor from Gidge Spellweaver, Lower City, Shattrath /way 66.6 68.6.
  2. Becoming a Mooncloth Tailor from Nasmara Moonsong, Lower City, Shattrath /way 66.4 69.0.

Can you swap tailoring specializations?

Changing Tailoring Specializations is very simple. Go back to Shattrath City and talk to the NPC who taught your current specialization. It will cost 150g to unlearn the current specialization at level 70 and 20g to learn a new specialization. You don’t have to do any additional questing.

How do you get Primal Nether?

Drops from the final boss of each 5-man instance in Outland, both on Normal and Heroic modes. In Normal mode, each instance’s final boss has a 5% chance to drop it, while in Heroic mode, it is a guaranteed drop.

Can you make Spellcloth at 60?

Level requirement to be a shadowcloth specialist is ONLY 60. Craft cooldown is NOT shared between different sort of cloth.

How do I choose Spellcloth specialization?

Comment by 35662. If you choose to change your specialization you need to drop tailoring and once you hit 350 again they don’t have the quest ! above them but talk to the one you want to specialize in and they have a chat option about specializing. You then need to pay them 20g and that’s it, you’re specialized.

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How do you make mooncloth TBC?

Creating Primal Mooncloth requires 1 Bolt of Imbued Netherweave, 1 Primal Life and 1 Primal Water and has a 3 day 20 hour cooldown. In addition, Primal Mooncloth can only be created at a Moonwell and grants the buff when crafted.

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