Can you sew a belt loop?

The easiest way to sew multiple belt loops is to start with one long strip of fabric that you’ll later cut into individual loops. So, calculate the width and length of each loop, multiply by the number of loops you are planning to make and cut your fabric.

How do you make a fabric loop belt?

How to make belt loops

  1. Fold your strip in half lengthwise and press.
  2. Fold the long raw edges in to the center fold and press.
  3. Fold in half again lengthwise, and press the original center fold again.
  4. Stitch close to the edge of both long sides of the strip.
  5. Cut into 5 loops, each 3 1/2″ long.

How do you get a belt to stay on without a belt loop?

Without loops, you have to tighten the belt so much that it might look a little funny and be uncomfortable to boot. But while you have this ultra tight belt cinched around your waist, try sitting down. That’s right, the belt will stay where it is and the back of the pants will pull down.

Why do belt loops break?

Generally this is not due to the stitching coming out, as many tears are. On belt loops, what usually happens is that the fabric of the pants fails at the point where the loop is attached, and rips a hole. This is, however, mendable with very little effort, in ten minutes or so.

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Why do jeans have double belt loops?

In the twenties, belt loops were phased in to replace suspender buttons. … Some styles of jeans also have double belt loops with a smaller loop underneath the visible loop to allow for both thinner and wider belts, with thinner belts going through the inner loops and wider belts going through the outer loops.

Can a tailor add belt loops to pants?

To add new belt loops to a pair of trousers, your tailor will need material to work with, but it’s completely doable. If you’re adding belt loops to replace old ones that have worn, you may want to consider suspender buttons, because it will be less costly.

Can you wear pants without a belt?

For casual and many business casual looks, you can get away with no belt as long as your shirt and pants fit properly. If you need a belt to keep your pants from falling down, it may be time to try a new size. Shirts should skim your frame and stay tucked in.

Can I wear jeans without a belt?

Yes it is totally okay to wear jeans without a belt, especially if you don’t like how a belt looks with your jeans. Just make sure you have jeans that are the right size and fit well so they don’t fall down to a level you don’t want them to be. Wear what you want.

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