Best answer: Where does quilted maple come from?

Quilt or quilted maple refers to a type of figure in maple wood. It is seen on the tangential plane (flat-sawn) and looks like a wavy “quilted” pattern, often similar to ripples on water. The highest quality quilted figure is found in the Western Big Leaf species of maple.

Is quilted maple rare?

Quilted maple is incredibly rare and the most expensive of the woods discussed in this post.

What causes quilting in wood?

While there’s some debate about what causes wood to become figured, we know what causes spalting- specifically, a fungus. Spalting can happen in almost any wood species, but it’s mostly found in maple. When the ends of a freshly-cut log are exposed to moisture, a fungus can find its way inside the log and begin to eat.

Where does flame maple come from?

Flame maple is found only in a small percentage of maple trees and the really eye-popping examples come from less than one percent. Most people do not realize that the flame is not the actual grain pattern of the wood.

Is quilted maple expensive?

Is Quilted Maple Expensive? Yes, highly figured quilt maple is expensive. Additionally, the cost is similar to highly figured birdseye sugar maple lumber. Specifically,as of December 2020, prices range from $3 per board foot for lightly quilted maple to $150 per board foot for extremely dense quilt figure.

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Is curly maple expensive?

Prices can range from just slightly more expensive than regular soft maple for lower grades of curly maple, to triple, quadruple, or higher for prices of the highest grades. …

Is birdseye maple rare?

Birdseye Maple has a rare characteristic found in hard maple trees. Only about one percent of all maple trees contain the Birdseye Maple figure.

What causes Birdseye in wood?

It is not known what causes the phenomenon. Research into the cultivation of bird’s eye maple has so far discounted the theories that it is caused by pecking birds deforming the wood grain or that an infecting fungus makes it twist.

Is tiger maple wood expensive?

At the retail level, expect to pay about $5/bf for 4/4 soft tiger maple and $6/bf for 4/4 hard tiger maple. Prices start to soar with thicker, wide and highly figured stock.

What is the difference between curly and quilted maple?

Curly maple figuring is similar to quilted maple, but curl is a primarily horizontal pattern perpendicular to the wood grain. Unlike quilted maple, curly maple is most pronounced when the board is quartersawn, and the curls usually become much less pronounced or absent in flatsawn sections of boards.

What is birdseye maple worth?

The average selling price of a bird’s-eye maple log is in the range of $20,000 to $30,000 per 1,000 board feet.

What makes maple curly?

Dave Hurwitz describes curly maple: “If the tree grew tall and straight, the resulting grain will be straight and consistent, which makes it easier to plane flat and easier to cut. But, some tress grow in places or in conditions that cause the resulting grain to not be straight. An extreme example is curly maple.

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Is maple good for guitar bodies?

Maple tonewood also provides excellent separation allowing each individual note in a chord to sound clear without blurring together. Because it is such a strong wood, hard maple can be used for solid bodies, laminate tops, necks and fingerboards.

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