Which of the following plant diseases is caused by fungus mosaic of Bhindi rust of wheat citrus canker?

Is yellow vein mosaic caused by fungus?

But the crop is prone to damage by various diseases caused by various insects, fungi, nematodes and viruses. The most common disease of okra is Yellow Vein Mosaic Virus (YVMV), spread by white fly (Bemisiatabaci).

Which of the following is a plant disease citrus canker rust yellow vein mosaic all of the above?

So the causative micro-organism of citrus canker disease are bacteria. It is transmitted through air. It occurs in citrus trees such as lemon,lime,orange etc. 3)The plant disease called yellow vein mosaic of bhindi is caused by a virus.

What disease can be seen in citrus Bendi?

Bhendi yellow vein mosaic virus (BYVMV) or okra yellow vein mosaic (OYVMV) is a viral disease caused by monopartite Begomovirus affecting okra plants. It was first found in 1924 in Bombay, India, and Sri Lanka.

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Bhendi yellow vein mosaic virus
Genus: Begomovirus
Species: Bhendi yellow vein mosaic virus

What plant diseases are caused by viruses?

The Top 10 list includes, in rank order, (1) Tobacco mosaic virus, (2) Tomato spotted wilt virus, (3) Tomato yellow leaf curl virus, (4) Cucumber mosaic virus, (5) Potato virus Y, (6) Cauliflower mosaic virus, (7) African cassava mosaic virus, (8) Plum pox virus, (9) Brome mosaic virus and (10) Potato virus X, with …

What illnesses can fungi cause?

Other diseases and health problems caused by fungi

  • Aspergillosis. About. Symptoms. …
  • Blastomycosis. About. Symptoms. …
  • Candidiasis. Candida infections of the mouth, throat, and esophagus. Vaginal candidiasis. …
  • Candida auris.
  • Coccidioidomycosis. About. Symptoms. …
  • C. neoformans Infection. About. …
  • C. gattii Infection. …
  • Fungal Eye Infections. About.

How do you control yellow vein mosaics?

Parbhani Kranti, Janardhan, Haritha, Arka Anamika and Arka Abhay can tolerate yellow vein mosaic. For sowing during the summer season, when the whitefly activity is high, the susceptible varieties should be avoided. Spraying monocrotophos 1.5 ml/litre of water can restrict the disease spread.

What is the causative agent of yellow vein mosaic of Bhindi?

Bhendi yellow vein mosaic disease in India is caused by association of a DNA Beta satellite with a begomovirus. Virology.

How does the disease spread from one plant to another?

All viruses that spread within their host tissues (systemically) can be transmitted by grafting branches or buds from diseased plants on healthy plants. … Most disease-causing viruses are carried and transmitted naturally by insects and mites, which are called vectors of the virus.

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What is the mode of transmission of citrus canker?

Citrus canker is most severe in hot, wet areas. The infected sites ooze sap which can carry the disease from tree to tree by irrigation or rain splash. Citrus canker can spread quickly over long distances on infected citrus fruits and leaves, as well as on people and equipment.

Which plant diseases are caused by microorganisms?


Viruses Bacteria Fungi
Tomato yellow leaf curl virus Agrobacterium tumefaciens Puccinia spp.
Cucumber mosaic virus Xanthomonas oryzae Fusarium graminearum
Potato virus Y Xanthomonas campestris Fusarium oxysporum
Cauliflower mosaic virus Xanthomonas axonopodis Blumeria graminis

Which of the following plant disease is caused by fungus?

Some fungal diseases occur on a wide range of vegetables. These diseases include Anthracnose; Botrytis rots; Downy mildews; Fusarium rots; Powdery mildews; Rusts; Rhizoctonia rots; Sclerotinia rots; Sclerotium rots.

How do you treat citrus fungus?

Spray the lemon tree with Neem oil insecticide, both the top and undersides of the foliage. You may need to repeat in 10-14 days, depending upon the extent of the infestation. Follow up by treating the mold growth with liquid copper fungicide.

What is the common disease caused in citrus fruits?

Among the major citrus diseases are citrus canker (CCK), citrus variegated chlorosis (CVC), and Huanglongbing (HLB), caused by members of the bacterial species Xanthomonas citri (Xcc), Xylella fastidiosa (Xfa), and ‘Candidatus Liberibacter’ (CaL), respectively.

What are the symptoms of citrus canker?

Citrus canker is mostly a leaf-spotting and fruit rind blemishing disease, but when conditions are highly favorable for infection, infections cause defoliation, shoot dieback, and fruit drop. Citrus canker symptoms include brown spots on leaves, often with an oily or water-soaked appearance.

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