What two things do you find inside a sewing pattern packet?

What comes in a sewing pattern?

To start with, a sewing pattern is a guide to sew a garment shape at a desired size. It includes a set of flat pieces drawn on paper helping to cut fabric and thus sew a garment. … For instance, the sewing pattern of a simple t-shirt includes 4 pieces: the front, the back, the sleeve and the neck band.

What is on the inside of a pattern envelope?

Pattern Name and Number

All patterns will have a name or identifier which usually describes what type of garment will be made. “Ginger Jeans” and “Morris Blazer” for example, are names of patterns given by the designers. Some pattern envelope front covers may also include a pattern number.

What is found on a pattern instruction sheet?

A pattern markings section explains the symbols on pattern pieces such as cutting lines, grain lines, notches and dots. Another section shows how to lengthen or shorten pattern pieces for a proper fit. The directions may also give suggestions for preparing your fabric and pattern, as well as any specific cutting notes.

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What are three things you need to know to read a pattern?

How to read a sewing pattern

  • Style lines. The photos shown with a pattern can be misleading. …
  • Sewing level. …
  • Fabric suggestions. …
  • Fabric yardages. …
  • Thread and notions. …
  • Size chart. …
  • Pattern pieces / measurements chart. …
  • Symbols/notches.

What are the three parts of a pattern?

The pattern itself consists of 3 main parts: the envelope – which shows you a diagram of the garment you are making and gives fabric requirements, the instruction sheet explaining how to put your item together and the pattern itself, which is normally printed on tissue paper.

What does the 45 and 60 mean on a sewing pattern?

It means the width of the fabric, some fabrics are 60″ wide and others are 45″ only, 45 inches wide is more common. Melissa.

How do you find the date on a sewing pattern?

If you want to know when your pattern was made, there are several ways to find out. The easiest is when the maker has put the date on the envelope or on the instruction sheet. McCall, later McCall’s, patterns are always dated. Look along the edge on the back of the envelope, or sometimes on the flap.

What does the view show you on a pattern?

View, (the style of the garment you’re making) Fabric width, (the width of the fabric you’re using) Size, (the pattern size you’re using) With or without nap.

What is the first step to do before laying the pattern over the fabric?


Press your tissue pattern pieces before you lay them on your fabric. Your pattern pieces will have creases in them from being folded in an envelope. If you put your iron on a low setting, you can safely press the creases out without damaging your pattern pieces.

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Do you need a pattern to sew?

Sewing without a pattern doesn’t mean sewing without any guides at all. One of the best places to start is with your own wardrobe. Take a close look at your favourite outfits to see how they’re made. If you can, disassemble them to see exactly how they’re put together, and use the pieces as guides for cutting your own.

Are Vogue Patterns hard to sew?

Vogue – as you’d expect, Vogue tends to focus on sewing patterns for designer clothes. They aren’t all difficult to make though. All the patterns have difficulty ratings so you can filter your search results to just get the patterns that are Very Easy or Easy.

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