What is contamination free yarn?

The experts develop these yarns using latest technology and quality raw material that make them in compliance with high industrial standards. … These yarns are used for stitching, textile, weaving, rope making and so on.

What is yarn contamination?

Contamination is “the presence of extraneous and undesirable substance in yarn which leads to impure the quality of final textile product”. … Irremovable contaminations like bleached fiber, fibers having optical brightening agent and dyed fiber contaminations which get spun with the yarn.

What is contamination free cotton?

Prevent Lint Contamination. This NCC publication also offers steps for preventing problems with materials that can contaminate seed cotton and lint and result in blemished finished goods. Contamination Free Cotton: Keep It Clean and Pure.

What is contamination in cotton?

Cotton contamination is that the presence of an impurity, or another undesirable component that spoils, corrupts, infects, makes unfit, or makes inferior a product. Therefore, detecting and eliminating cotton contaminations as timely as possible before processing or within the process is essential.

Which is the closest synonym for the word contaminated?

synonyms for contaminated

  • corrupt.
  • harm.
  • infect.
  • injure.
  • poison.
  • pollute.
  • taint.
  • tarnish.

What do you mean by contamination?

the act of contaminating, or of making something impure or unsuitable by contact with something unclean, bad, etc. the act of contaminating, or of rendering something harmful or unusable by the addition of radioactive material: the contamination of food following a nuclear attack.

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Does cotton contaminate?

Contamination in cotton, even if it is a single foreign fibre, can lead to the downgrading of yarn, fabric or garments, or even to the total rejection of an entire batch and can cause irreparable harm to the relationship between growers, ginners, merchants and textile and clothing mills.

Which word is used for pollution?

What is another word for pollution?

contamination adulteration
impurity tainting
adulterating befouling
contaminating corruption
infection soiling

What is the opposite of toxicity?

Opposite of capable of causing harm, injury or death due to the presence of poison. harmless. nontoxic. non-toxic.

How do you use contaminated in a sentence?

Contaminated sentence example

  • All the cities along the Mississippi River had been marked as contaminated to some extent. …
  • Both the air and the water in their neighbourhood were contaminated thereby.
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