Does the bobbin go through the needle?

Thread from the spool goes through the needle’s eye. Thread from the bobbin comes up through the needle plate.

Do you put the bobbin thread through the needle?

The thread enters the tension spring of the bobbin case. Pass the bobbin thread through the slot. Do not cut the thread with the cutter. While lightly holding the upper thread with your left hand, press (Needle position button) twice to lower and then raise the needle.

How does the needle catch the bobbin thread?

The bobbin case has a little inverted tooth that catches the upper thread from the needle and pulls it in a circle to lock it and create the stitch.

Where does the bottom bobbin thread go?

Once you have a wound bobbin, it goes in the machine’s bobbin case to supply the lower thread as your machine sews. To load your bobbin, lift your needle and presser foot to the highest position (your machine will either use a hand wheel or a button for this) and remove the bobbin cover.

Why is my bobbin thread showing through?

If the bobbin thread is on top, that means the top thread is pulling more, or, has more tension. That means either the top thread is too tight or the bobbin thread is too loose.

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Why is my thread coming out of the needle?

The most common reason the thread will jump out of the needle is thread tension. Make sure you have the right thread tension and check the needles for burrs. Finally, make sure to use a quality thread.

How does the bobbin thread work?

Beneath the needle (as the GIF shows at a very slowed down speed) a hook rotates, capturing the thread from above and looping it around another thread, this one reeling from the bobbin below. The two threads interlock around the layers of fabric, binding them to one another.

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