Your question: What kind of embroidery is Kasuti?

Kasuti (Kannada: ಕಸೂತಿ) is a traditional form of folk embroidery practised in the state of Karnataka, India. Kasuti work which is very intricate sometimes involves putting up to 5,000 stitches by hand and is traditionally made on dresswear like Ilkal sarees, Ravike and Angi or Kurta.

Which stitch is used in Kasuti?

Four types of stitches known as Gavanti, Murgi, Negi and Menthi are used in Kasuti embroidery.

What are the types of Kasuti embroidery?

Four types of stitches are used in Kasuti, namely Gavanti, Murgi, Negi, and Menthi. Some have mixed stitches while others are worked in one stitch only. Kasuti is done by counting the number of threads. No canvas is used however fine the cloth may be.

How can I learn Kasuti?

Kasuti Lesson 1

  1. Ganti or Gavanti. Ganti means knot. It is the typical Holbein stitch style done in a straight line, either vertically or horizontally or even diagonally. …
  2. Muragi. Muragi means twisted. It is a variation of Holbein stitch. …
  3. Neygi or Negi. Neygi means to weave. It is the typical pattern darning stitch. …
  4. Menthi.

What is Negi stitch?

Neygi Kasuti Embroidery

It is also known as Darning stitch as it is a weaving stitch that works only in short and long straight lines. The pattern in Neygi kasuti embroidery is similar to weaver’s patterns.

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Which embroidery is basically white?

Whitework, embroidery worked in white thread on white material, originated in India and China and popular in the West since the Middle Ages as decoration for personal, table, and various church linens.

How do you make Kasuti embroidery?


  1. Starting the Stitch. Kasuti patterns that use gavanti and murgi stitches typically look like they are worked with backstitch, but that wouldn’t produce the same look on the front and back. …
  2. Traveling the Stitching Line. …
  3. Complete the Vertical Murgi Stitches.

Which embroidery is used in Kashmir?

Kashmiri embroidery which is also called as the Kashida embroidery is a unique form of art, staying true to the beauty of paradise state.

What is Aari work embroidery?

Embroidery refers to the thread craft that enhances the look of a fabric or product. Aari embroidery is one of the many forms of embroidery, originated in the Mughal era. … Aari work is a type of embroidery work that is done by stretching the fabric tightly over a wooden frame.

What is Manipuri embroidery?

Embroidery:- Manipur has a unique type of embroidery that uses one stitch, in deference to the weavers in the area. This is done in dark matching shade with untwisted silk thread on the border of the phanek (a lungi or lower body wrap worn by women). Colors in dark red, plum or chocolate are usually used.

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