Your question: What is slub sock yarn?

Suburban Stitcher Slub Sock yarn is made up of: 90% superwash merino. 10% nylon. 438 yds/100 grams per skein. Hand dyed yarn can very from skein to skein, even within the same dyelot.

What is a yarn slub?

: a yarn with thick and thin sections alternating regularly or irregularly — compare slub.

Where is slub yarn used?

There are endless uses of slub yarn in our life, Slub yarn are used mainly in fashion industry, ready made garment industry, high-end shirting materials, value-added knitwear, home textiles, woolen knitting industry, furnishing industry and handicraft industry, etc., for creating eye catching designs in fabrics and …

What is slub yarn used for?

Slub yarns are frequently used for fabric production. Due to the nature of these yarns, the difference between the base yarn and slub diameter is very high, leading to high variation in the fabric thickness, which gives fabric look and also influences the fabric mechanical properties.

What can I Knit with slub yarn?

When using slub yarn, we’d recommend working with a simple stitch rather than anything fancy as the yarn already has texture on its surface. Garter, stocking, rib and moss stitch all work fine and show up quite well when knitted in these lumpy fibres.

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What is flake yarn?

This novelty yarn is a variation on a slub yarn, in which the flake or slub is created by inserting soft, puffy clumps of roving at intervals held in place by an accompanying binder yarn. As a result, the ending yarn has variations in thickness and softness throughout the length of the finished yarn.

What is flock yarn?


Flocked yarn has a velvet appearance, with soft touch, high comfort, excellent moisture management and is able to absorb and reduce friction. … Main application field of flocked yarn is the automotive market. Textiles woven with flocked yarn are used as covers of car seats.

What is slub cotton?

Slub cotton is a cotton fabric that appears to have slight lumps in the fabric. … This results in a unique fabric with a nice texture to it. Slub T Shirts are light and airy, without clinging to the body. As a bonus, it does not ever need to be ironed because it is not designed to look flat.

What is ply yarn?

Ply, plied, or folded, yarns are composed of two or more single yarns twisted together. Two-ply yarn, for example, is composed of two single strands; three-ply yarn is composed of three single strands.

What is fancy yarn in textile?

A fancy yarn is made with a distinctive irregular profile or a construction that differs from the basic single and folded yarns, the objective is to enhance the aesthetics of the end product. The fancy yarn gives a fancy touch to the fabrics to a broad range of end uses.

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What is slub fabric?

A “slub” is a section in a piece of yarn that is thicker than the rest of the yarn. Originally, slubs were mistakes. More often than not, slubs were either unwoven from the yarn or the piece of yarn was thrown away all together.

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