Your question: How do I learn draenor tailoring?

Draenor Master Tailoring proficiency can be learned by tailors at level 90 by completing one of the first available quests after leaving the Assault on the Dark Portal scenario. [91] Shadows Awaken in Shadowmoon Valley. [91] The Butcher of Bladespire in Frostfire Ridge.

Where do I learn draenor tailoring?

Learning Draenor Tailoring

Draenor Tailoring from the Tailoring Patterns vendor in Ashran, from the Tailor at the Tailoring Emporium in your Garrison, or at the end of the quest line that allows you to unlock the Tailoring Emporium before upgrading your Town Hall to Level 2.

Where do you learn tailoring in WoD?

Learning Draenor Tailoring

Draenor Tailoring can be purchased for in Warspear or Stormshield. This increases your max skill to 700, so you do not need to return to profession trainers any more to learn a new rank of a profession.

How do I get secrets of Draenor?

You need to buy / do quests to learn Draenor Tailoring, which automatically teaches you Secrets. If your Tailoring skill has a maximum of 700, then you‘ve learned Draenor Tailoring and should be able to make Secrets.

How do you get Level 3 tailoring emporium?

Level 3 blueprints unlock when you are level 100 and have completed Working More Orders. The blueprint costs 1,000.

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Where can I learn cataclysm tailoring?

Requires cloth found on humanoids. Allows a tailor to make basic cloth armors up to a maximum potential skill of 75. Requires cloth found on humanoids.


Name Leyweaver Aurielle <Tailoring Trainer>
Level 45 – 60
Location Orgrimmar
React H
Type Humanoid

How do I get tailoring in Pandaria?

You can learn Pandaria tailoring from Silkmaster Tsai in Valley of the Four Winds at the Silken fields.

How do you make Hexweave bags?

Step 1: Assign your herbalist follower to your garrison herb garden. (Walk to the herb garden and ask them to produce Gorgrond Flytrap.) Step 2: Assign a tailoring follower to your level 3 garrison tailoring building. Step 5: Regularly pick up the Hexweave from your tailoring building.

Where can I learn expert tailoring?

Expert Tailoring Trainers

You can train Expert Tailoring at level 20 with 125 Tailoring Skill. <Artisan Tailor> Georgio Bolero, for the Alliance, is located at the Mage Quarter in Stormwind City, inside of the building Duncan’s Textiles (43.2, 73.6).

How do I get Northrend tailoring?

Northrend Tailoring Trainers

Raenah in Borean Tundra at Warsong Hold. She’s on the 2nd floor of Warsong Hold, standing across from the bottom of the elevator. If you’re coming off the elevator, she’ll be directly in front of you and to the left. If you’re coming with the zeppelin, she will be below you.

Where can I farm sumptuous fur?

A really good spot for farming Sumptuous Fur is Daggerjaw Raiders and Daggerjaw Hoarders just east of Fort Wrynn, Talador (or just north of Vol’jin’s Pride). They have slightly under a 1:1 drop rate and they respawn fast enough that you can circle the lake and they’ll be back by the time you make it all the way around.

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