Your question: How do I decrease my crochet CTC?

How do you know when to start decreasing in C2C?

Any corner to corner crochet project will always begin with increase rows. You’ll increase by one tile per diagonal row until your desired dimensions are reached and then you’ll begin decreasing.

How do you keep rows in C2C crochet?

To make rows that maintain a stitch count (as opposed to increasing or decreasing the number of squares in your row): Start with a ch 5 like you were while you were increasing. Continue the C2C pattern across.

How big will my C2C blanket be?

C2C Blanket Size Calculator

Width Height
Double/Full 80″ 90″
Queen 90″ 90″
King 108″ 90-100″
California King 110″ 98″

What is the right side of c2c crochet?

Your first row is usually the right side, so use that as a guide. Or you could use the odd numbered rows to identify the right side of your work. So, the formula is simple.

How do you crochet a Graphghan?

Graphghans (afghans made from graphs) are a pretty simple concept: lay out your design in a graph, then stitch it up. Each square of your graph represents a block or stitch. If you’ve ever worked from a colorwork knitting chart or dabbled in cross-stitch, you get the idea.

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