Your question: Can you make tassels with yarn?

Use a piece of cardboard that’s the size of the tassel you’d like to make. Leave a tail of yarn on top, and begin wrapping the yarn around your cardboard. When you’ve finished wrapping, cut the yarn evenly with the bottom of your cardboard.

What is the best material to make tassels?

A sport-weight wool-silk yarn makes a luxurious, more tailored tassel with an elegant drape. Use thinner fibers, such as silk or cotton embroidery floss, for smaller tassels. Embroidery floss can look relaxed or refined, depending on where the tassel is used.

How much yarn do you need to make a tassel?

The amount of yarn you need will depend on the size and thickness that you want to end up with. I needed about 25 feet of yarn for my tassel. Cut the yarn off at the bottom of the piece of cardboard, after your last wrap.

What material is used to make tassels?

The traditional tassels you might find on a piece of furniture or pillow use thick silk or polyester cord. The thicker the cord, the faster the tasselmaking goes, so a cord like Gudebrod size FFF would be a good choice for a tassel that can be made quickly.

How do you make large yarn tassels?


  1. Take your yarn and begin to wrap it around your cardboard as shown.
  2. Continue wrapping until you reach a desired thickness. …
  3. Then cut the yarn and take a new piece of yarn and tuck it through the wrapped yarn. …
  4. Now cut through all the layers of yarn at the bottom of the tassel.
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How do you make mini tassels?

How to Make Mini Tassels:

  1. Begin by cutting about a 6″ length of floss, the same color as your main tassel color. …
  2. Wrap the fork times at least 50 times. …
  3. Tie the loose thread in a knot on the left side of the fork. …
  4. Cut a length of thread (contrasting if you want) at least 12″ long.

How do you make curtain tassels?

Step 1: Form each tassel by wrapping white twine around a piece of cardboard. Slide the loop of twine off the cardboard. Step 2: Tie another piece of twine around one end of the loop to hold strands together and provide an anchor for the fishing line. Step 3: Cut opposite end of the loop of twine to form the tassel.

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