Where can I find the same dye lot yarn?

Where can I buy a yarn dye lot?

The dye lot is stamped on this yarn’s label, but sometimes dye lots will be printed on labels. You just need to look near the color name and UPC code. Many yarns also have color numbers that correspond to each color name.

Does Lion brand have dye lots?

Unfortunately, we are not able to match dye lots. Yarn is packed in cartons by dye lot and shipped to stores across the country – before long, that dye lot will be sold out. For this reason, we write a statement on every yarn label that you should purchase whatever you need of a dye lot at one time.

Does white yarn have a dye lot?

White yarn is often one color that can be found as part of a no dye lot. Colors are hard to duplicate exactly from batch to batch. … They need to know that the yarn color will be consistent throughout so that the slight color differences don’t show up in the final product of their project.

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Does Vanna’s Choice yarn have a dye lot?

Lion Brand Knitting Yarn Vanna’s Choice Dusty Purple 3-Skein Factory Pack (Same Dye Lot) 860-146 Bundle with 1 Artsiga Crafts Project Bag.

Do dye lots matter?

So… DOES dye lot matter? The short version is YES, yes it does. … The gist of the whole dye lot deal is that yarn is dyed in batches and even in very large batches with very exact measuring systems, there is still a chance that each batch of yarn will vary by a slight amount from dye lot to dye lot.

Where is the dye lot on Bernat blanket yarn?

At the top of the label there is the colour and dye lot number, this information is the colour of your yarn and it’s dye lot number.

Are dye lots important?

Picking yarn with the same dye lot will guarantee a knit or crochet project will have the same color throughout! Color variances are the number one most important reason to ALWAYS check dye lots when buying yarn! You will thank yourself later when your new project looks great and matches perfectly from skein to skein.

How do I find a dye lot?

The best advice is to purchase the entire amount of each color you will need all at one time, making sure the dyelots all are the same. Look on the label to find this information. Usually it is listed as ‘dye lot’ or ‘lot’ followed by a number that indicates the batch number. Same number, same dye lot.

Why is dye lot number important?

The importance of lot numbers

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Multiple variables, like genetics and weather, can impact the wool, which in turn reacts differently to the dye. This means it is almost impossible to produce an exact colour match between yarns dyed in different dye lots and more often than not there will be a slight variation in colour.

How do you blend different yarn dyes?

Alternate the Skeins

Instead of knitting half the scarf with the first skein and half with the second, alternate the skeins as you knit. If you stitch a few rows in each color throughout the pattern, the shades will blend together instead of appearing as two large blocks of color.

What is a yarn dye lot?

A dye lot is a record taken during the dyeing of yarn to identify yarn that received its coloration in the same vat at the same time. Yarn manufacturers assign each lot a unique identification number and stamp it on the label before shipping.

What is a carpet dye lot?

Any material that has been colored artificially will have what is called a “dye lot“. That means that all carpet that was colored at the same time, by the same colorant, will share a dye lot. … Carpet purchased at different times usually has a different dye lot and it may not be an exact match.

Is vannas choice yarn discontinued?

DISCONTINUED: This yarn is no longer available; however, we make this information available as a courtesy to those who still have the yarn. The soft colors coordinate beautifully with those in the Vanna’s Choice line, so you can mix and match yarns with picture-perfect results. …

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What size is Vanna’s Choice yarn?

Knit gauge in st st, size 9 (5.5mm) needles: 16 sts & 22 rows = 4″ (10cm).

Is Lion Brand yarn going out of business?

Lion Brand Yarn Studio in New York City is closing on April 2, 2020. … A leading supplier of yarn to retailers like Michaels and Joann Stores, Lion Brand will continue distributing their yarn to stores around the United States. They will also continue selling yarn online, and at the Lion Brand Yarn Outlet in New Jersey.

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