What knitting terms mean?

What are knitting terms?

Basic knitting abbreviations

  • alt: Alternate – worked on every other row or stitch.
  • beg: Begin or beginning – to start as specified or position to be worked at or from, measured from or marked.
  • cont: Continue – carry on working.
  • dec: Decrease or decreasing – by working 2 or more stitches together.
  • foll: Following.

How do you read knitting terms?


  1. CO means cast on and is the foundation for your project.
  2. K means to knit the most basic stitch.
  3. P means purl, the second-most-common stitch and essentially the opposite of knitting.
  4. RS is the “right side,” meaning the front of the project.
  5. WS, then, means “wrong side,” or the back of a project.

What does * K * mean in knitting?

For example, “*k2,p2*” means “repeatedly knit two stitches, purl two stitches as long as possible, i.e., until there are fewer than four stitches left in the row”. alt stands for “alternately”.

What does nt mean in knitting?

Tutorial: No Stitches in Knitting Chart – knotions. Skip to main content. Skip to header right navigation.

What is PO and KO in knitting?

to. Samantha, I would interpret KO and PO to mean bring the wool around. the needle: KO, knitwise and PO, purlwise. Then knit or purl whatever. number of stitches the pattern calls for.

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What do * mean in knitting patterns?

WS: *K1, P1*, across the row to last 2 sts. K1, P1. *(directions)*, means repeat the directions from the first (*) to the next (*). Rib st – knit 1, purl 1, across the row, right and wrong sides (even amount of stitches).

What does FB mean in a knitting pattern?

Knitting in the front and back of the same stitch is one way to increase the row by one stitch. In this video we will show you how to increase a stitch using the knit front back method. This technique is used in the Freya Fingerless Gloves Knitting Kit and the Bisous Cardigan Knitting Kit.

What does M in knitting mean?

A common method of increasing stitches is known as a make-one, abbreviated as M1 or M1L, for make-one-left. The most basic way to increase is knitting in the front and the back of a stitch. The make-one is performed in between two stitches, with the bar between the stitches.

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