What is the symptoms of yellow vein mosaic of Bhindi?

What happens in yellow vein mosaic of Bhindi?

This disease is caused by a complex consisting of the monopartite begomovirus Bhendi yellow vein mosaic virus (BYVMV, family: Geminiviridae) and a small satellite DNA β component. BYVMV can systemically infect bhendi upon agroinoculation but produces only mild leaf curling in this host.

What causes yellow vein mosaic?

Bhendi yellow vein mosaic virus (BYVMV) or okra yellow vein mosaic (OYVMV) is a viral disease caused by monopartite Begomovirus affecting okra plants. It was first found in 1924 in Bombay, India, and Sri Lanka. It is the major limitation of the production of okra. This disease is transmitted by whitefly.

How do you control yellow vein mosaic virus?

Seeds are to be treated with insecticides like carbosulfon at 30gm or monocrotophos at 5ml per one kg seed before sowing. Follow crop rotation and maintain soil health management. Grow suitable region wise resistant varieties. Use seeds collected from disease-free plants.

Why do ladies fingers turn yellow?

This is a viral disease occurring on bhendi (Okra/Lady’s Finger). … The veins of the leaves will be cleared by the virus and interveinal area becomes completely yellow or white. The veins become considerably thickened. The infection may start at any stage of plant growth.

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What are the most common symptoms of yellow vein mosaic disease?


  • Yellowing of the entire network of veins in the leaf blade is the characteristic symptom.
  • In severe infections the younger leaves turn yellow, become reduced in size and the plant is highly stunted.
  • The veins of the leaves will be cleared by the virus and intervenal area becomes completely yellow or white.

What is plant vein clearing?

Vein clearing is the loss of normal green coloration of plant veins; usually they turn yellow first. Above: Vein clearing on a leaf of kava (Piper methytisum), one of the possible symptoms of kava dieback disease, caused by cucumber mosaic cucumovirus (CMV).

What causes mosaic virus?

Mosaic viruses are mostly spread by insects, especially aphids and leafhoppers. You can try covering your plants with a floating row cover or aluminum foil mulches to prevent these insects from infecting your plants.

What do you mean plant disease?

Plant disease is defined as the state of local or systemic abnormal physiological functioning of a plant, resulting from the continuous, prolonged ‘irritation’ caused by phytopathogenic organisms (infectious or biotic disease agents).

What does chlorosis mean in science?

an abnormally yellow color of plant tissues, resulting from partial failure to develop chlorophyll, caused by a nutrient deficiency or the activities of a pathogen. Also called greensickness.

How does the disease spread from one plant to another?

All viruses that spread within their host tissues (systemically) can be transmitted by grafting branches or buds from diseased plants on healthy plants. … Most disease-causing viruses are carried and transmitted naturally by insects and mites, which are called vectors of the virus.

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What causes banana bunchy top virus?

Banana bunchy top is caused by banana bunchy top virus (BBTV), a plant virus transmitted by a small black insect called the banana aphid (Pentalonia nigronervosa). Banana bunchy top virus does not affect human or animal health.

How is cucumber mosaic virus spread?

Pathogen: Cucumber Mosaic Virus (CMV)

Symptoms can resemble herbicide injury. Spread: This virus is spread by several aphid vectors. Aphids aquire and transmit virus particles by probing and/or feeding on plant tissues.

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