What is the best knitting app?

Is there an app for knitting?

LoveKnitting. Like many of the other great knitting apps LoveKnitting is an all-in-one place for knitters. Whether you want to store your patterns, browse the library, or use their knitting tools, like the stitch and row counter, this app is the one for you. Not only is it super easy to use, but it’s free, too!

Is there a Ravelry app?

Stash2Go (Android version) allows you to access most of the Ravelry functions on the go.

Is Ravelry good?

Ravelry has a consumer rating of 3.22 stars from 501 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with Ravelry most frequently mention fiber arts, white supremacy and social media. Ravelry ranks 3rd among Yarns sites.

Is there an alternative to Ravelry?

On June 16 2020, Ravelry launched what’s become known as the New Look: an updated version of the interface styling used on the site. … For a while the classic minty green look was offered as an alternative to let people “get used to” the new site. This has now changed: Classic Ravelry was discontinued on March 31, 2021.

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Is bellish app free?

The Bellish app provides a way of simplifying more complicated garments. Now sweaters, cardigans and hats are within everyone’s capabilities thanks to Bellish, which is available on both iOS and Android. … Best of all, the Bellish app is completely free.

What’s wrong with Ravelry?

Soon after the new design went live, a user complained that the site was responsible for migraine headaches. This was followed by an Instagram post: “Warning: Ravelry may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy as well as migraines. … Here’s the problem: It appears to be an ordinary website.

Is Ravelry free?

To see all the wonderful offerings on the site, you’ll first need to register on Ravelry.com. It’s totally free to do so, too. Visit Ravelry.com.

How does Ravelry make money?

According to the site, Ravelry makes most of its money through “yarn-related advertising.” … They post the projects they complete, the patterns and yarn they use, and the real-world groups they join. They even link their accounts to personal storefronts where they sell patterns to other users.

How many users does Ravelry have?

As of March 2020, Ravelry had almost 9 million registered users, and approximately 1 million monthly active users.

Can you sell on Ravelry?

You also need to configure your store and upload the pattern PDF in order to sell it on Ravelry. Hover over your profile picture, then click on My Designs. On your designer page, click on Manage Store. … You can also enable in-store sales if you’d like yarn stores to be able to sell your knitting patterns.

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What is DK weight yarn?

What Is Double Knitting Weight Yarn? Double knitting yarn is a 3 Light yarn weight along with light worsted yarns. It’s heavier than 2 Fine yarns (aka sport weight yarn) and thinner than 4 medium yarns (aka worsted weight yarn). You might hear DK weight yarn called “baby yarn” or “light yarn”.

What happened with Cassidy on Ravelry?

She apologized for the stress that the redesign had caused, and said that Cassidy would be taking a step back. “It will take a period of adjustment, but in the future Cassidy’s role will be focused on technical work,” she wrote. “She no longer has access to the customer service emails and her Ravelry mail is disabled.”

How do I delete my Ravelry account?

You may terminate your account and delete your account data at any time for any reason by navigating to your profile page, choosing “edit profile” and using the “delete Ravelry account” link at the bottom of the page.

How do I download a Ravelry project?

If you hover over your avatar in the top right corner of the Ravelry screen, one of the options in the menu that flies out is ‘export data‘. This will take you to a page where you can take a number of actions: Download your data: Most data is in JSON format.

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