What does the throat plate do on a sewing machine?

A sewing machine throat plate has holes or slots for the needle to pass through as it moves up and down to stitch the fabric. It accommodates the different needle positions and fancy stitches available on the machine.

What is the function of the throat plate?

The basic function of a throat plate is to pass out the fabric over this area as smoothly as possible. So, throat plate is a important element of a sewing machine.

How would you remove the throat plate?

Insert the tip of the index finger of your left hand into the notch at the back of the needle plate cover. Place the thumb of your left hand at the front of the needle plate cover. Slide the needle plate cover toward you to remove it.

What is the meaning of gummy dust?

Gummy – a thick of sticky quality such as oiled accumulated dust on sewing machine part.

What is a throat plate on a table saw?

Speaker 1: Every table saw has one of these removable throat plates, and these metal or plastic throat plates make it easy to access the blade for blade changes, and they work fairly well for general cutting, but they have an overly wide slot in them to provide enough clearance for the blade to be tipped to an angle.

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Where is the 3/8 mark on a sewing machine?

The 3/8” seam is usually the first line, the 5/8” the second. Your machine may be different. A ¼” seam is primarily used in piecing quilts.

What do the numbers mean on a sewing machine plate?

Any seam allowance smaller or larger than 5/8″ will be indicated on the pattern piece. If you look at the throat plate of your sewing machine, you’ll notice guidelines. Each line is labeled with a measurement: 3/8”, 4/8” (or ½”), 5/8” (industry standard) and 6/8” (or ¾”).

Why can’t I sew a straight line?

Since the needle is constantly moving, you will not sew straight if you watch it as you stitch. The seam guide does not move so it’s much better to focus there as your fabric moves along, resulting in much straighter seams.

What is the take up lever on sewing machine?

The take-up lever is the metal lever (looks like a hook) that is on top of your machine and moves up and down while you sew. This lever is what pulls the thread off the spool and helps supply an even feed of thread to your needle.

When should I clean my sewing machine?

Janome most often recommends cleaning a machine after at least every 10 hours of use. But more often is fine. Take a peek inside the bobbin case. If you see lint beginning to accumulate, it’s time to do some maintenance.

What is under the needle plate?

A sewing machine throat plate is the metal plate beneath a sewing machine’s needle and presser foot. … A throat plate also provides a smooth surface for the fabric as it passes through the machine.

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How do you clean under a needle plate?

Cleaning Under the Needle Plate

Remove the needle plate by removing the two allen screws that secure it. Using compressed air of a brush, remove any thread or lint buildup from the area. Reinstall the rotary hook guard. Reinstall the needle plate.

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