What does Pcdd mean in knitting?

PCDD (purl, central double decreas) is a double decrease worked on the purl side of the fabric, that decreases one stitch either side of a central stitch, decreasing your total number of stitches by two.

What is CDD stitch?

Centered Double Decrease (CDD)

Start by sticking your needle through the first two stitches together knit-wise, as if you were going to work a K2tog … … but then just slip them onto the right-hand needle without working them. … Lastly, pass those two slipped stitches up over the knit stitch and off the needle.

What does DD mean in knitting?

It involves knitting three stitches together as though they were one stitch. Completing a k3tog creates a double decrease in your knitting because where once there were three stitches; there is now only one stitch.

How do you dec2 in knitting?

Slip first stitch and yarn over onto right needle as if to knit together, purl 1, pass the slipped stitch and yarn-over over the purled stitch, slip the stitch back onto left needle, pass stitch and yarn-over over the stitch placed back on left needle, then to finish slip the remaining stitch onto the right needle (= 2 …

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