What does it mean to crochet in continuous rounds?

What are continuous rounds? Continuous rounds are a way to work in the round without ever joining or turning your work. When you finish one round, you simply continue working around again. There’s no slip stitch and no chain to start the next round, so there is no visible “seam”.

What does do not join work in continuous rounds mean in crochet?

What that means is that you won’t join the beginning and end of each round with a slip stitch or an invisible join. Instead, you will continue around, making the first st of each round in the first st of the previous round.

What does working in the round mean in crochet?

To begin a crochet design that you work in rounds, you first create a center ring and then crochet the first round. After you complete the number of stitches needed for the first round, join the first and last stitches of the round to complete the circle. Adding more rounds to your work is similar to adding rows.

How do you crochet a continuous round without joining?

In crochet rounds with joins, you’ll work one round then join the last stitch to the beginning of the round with a slip stitch. For crochet rounds without joining, however, you’ll work the last crochet stitch then work the first stitch of the following round. There is no slip stitch to join the rounds.

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How do you crochet a circle that lies flat?

Basic crochet pattern to make a flat circle

  1. Round 1: Make x sts into a magic ring and join with a ss. …
  2. Round 2: 2sts in each st around, join with a ss. …
  3. Round 3: *2sts in next st, 1st in next st; rep from * to end, join with a ss. …
  4. Round 4: *2sts in next st, 1st in each of next 2 sts st; rep from * to end, join with a ss.

Do you turn your work when crocheting in the round?

Make a slip stitch, inserting the hook into the first stitch. This will close the round. When crocheting in the round, you’ll always be working on the right side of the work. You should not turn the work at the beginning of the row, as you will begin a new row in the same stitch where you end the last one.

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