Quick Answer: How much is Bernina embroidery module L?

Price: $ 299.00
Quantity: Out of Stock 1
Manufacturer #: BNG999LEB
Sku: BNG999LEB
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How much is the Bernina embroidery module?

Embroidery Module (MSRP: $2,499)

How much does a Bernina 770 QE cost?

This is the Next Generation 7 Series B770 QE, an optional Zig-Zag foot (#52D) with teflon coating for sewing ‘sticky surfaces and leather, plus needles for sewing leather. The 770QE and these options we have added can be purchased ONLY at Bernina dealers for $6,589 plus sales tax.

How much does a Bernina 880 cost?


Price $ 14,999.00
Hook system RL
Maximum sewing speed (stitches per minute) 1200
Length of freearm to the right of the needle 300 mm

Is a Bernina worth the money?

Yes they are worth the money. One thing you will find in a Bernina sewing machine is tradition. That tradition is a family one and their family reputation depends on the quality of the product they produce.

Where is the Bernina 770 QE manufactured?

The B880, the Q20 and Q24 are made in Switzerland. Bernina is the only sewing machine manufacturer that still produces machines in what is considered the “west.” – in Switzerland.

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Does Bernina 530 have dual feed?

Sew quieter, faster, longer, better to achieve perfect stitches with the help of your Jumbo bobbin! The BERNINA Hook keeps the stitches consistent and precise with a maximum speed of 1,000 stitches per minute. … The innovative BERNINA Dual Feed feeds the fabric evenly from above and below.

How much is a Bernina Sewing Machines?

Bernina sewing machine prices run from a mere $200 for an entry-level model to a whopping $25,000 for an advanced quilting model. The average price for most of the Bernina models lies around the $1,000 range. The company charges high prices because of the quality design and durable parts used in their machines.

How much does the Bernina 830 weigh?

Dimensions: 388L x 182W x 315H mm. Weight 20lb (9.15kg).

How old is my Bernina sewing machine?

To find out how old your Bernina sewing machine is, all you have to do is look at the model number. The four-digit model numbers start around the 1980s and on up. The three-digit model numbers ended in the mid-80s and go back to the 1950s, except for the Activa 100 and 200 series.

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