Quick Answer: How long does it take for stitches to dissolve after gum graft?

DO NOT manipulate any stitches at the GUM GRAFT SITE. These stitches are resorbable and will dissolve in 4 to 7 days. The HARVEST SITE will have either a liquid band-aid or resorbable stitches. The liquid band-aid will chip away over the next 1-2 weeks.

How long do stitches stay in after gum graft?

Sutures (stitches) will usually have to be removed approximately 10 days to 2 weeks following your surgery. Do not disturb the sutures with your tongue, toothbrush or any other device. Displacement of sutures will impair healing and affect the success of your procedure.

What is the fastest way to heal a gum graft?

Make Your Post Gum Graft Recovery Timeline & Healing Process Easier

  1. Pain Medications and Ice Packs Can Help Your Surgical Gum Procedure Recovery. …
  2. Avoid Exertion during your Gum Graft Surgery Recovery. …
  3. Stick to a Liquid Diet when considering gum graft recovery foods. …
  4. Rinse Your Mouth for clean gum Tissue.

How do I know if my gum graft is healing?

You will know that healing has begun when the soft tissues are shrinking and there is less swelling. The gum tissues gradually starts to bind to the root surface and nearby bone surface as well. New vessels will also start to form and the tissues will receive enough blood supply.

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How long wear stent after gum graft?

For Grafts: The (upper) surgical stent should be worn full-time (even while rinsing with water or oral rinse) for three to four days. It may be removed to be washed under cold water and replaced immediately. (Do your rinsing with stent in place.) After four full days, you may wear the stent or not, as comfortable.

What can you not do after a gum graft?

DO NOT chew or bite in the area. Generally, there are no restrictions on your diet, but depending upon the location of the graft, this may modify your usual biting and chewing patterns. AVOID hard, chewy or spicy foods, since they will aggravate bleeding, especially in the donor site (palate).

When can I eat normal after gum graft?

In terms of eating normally after gum grafting, a liquid diet is recommended for the first few days post-op. On the day of surgery, we recommend eating only cold food and beverages, such as pudding, yogurt, shakes, or ice cream. Do not drink any acidic fruit juice or sodas, and don’t use a straw for several days.

How bad does a gum graft hurt?

Gum grafting main county can be a totally PAINLESS experience during the procedure due to local anesthetics. Although there may be some discomfort associated with having a gum graft AFTER the procedure, your periodontist will do everything they can to make your experience as painless as possible.

Should you talk after a gum graft?

You should be able to resume light activity and even return to work after the first 24 hours, but because you’ll be eating less and should avoid talking, it’s best to stay home and off your feet for at least three days if possible.

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Can I smile after a gum graft?

Improves your smile

By adding new gum tissue with grafting, gums look even, natural, and healthy. They will also be stronger. Your patients will not only have good looking gums again, but their smile will look normal and healthy, too.

How do I know if my gum graft failed?


  • Dislodged or removed surgical dressing.
  • Redness of surgical (recipient) site or tissue sloughing.
  • Approximating vestibular tissue may appear necrotic.
  • Persistent root exposure likely noted.

How much bleeding is normal after gum graft?

It is common to have slight bleeding for a few hours after gum graft surgery. Do not rinse or clean the teeth next to the surgical site. This can wash away to newly formed clot of blood and restart the bleeding. If bleeding persists, apply a moist tea bag to the surgical site with gentle pressure for 30 minutes.

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