Quick Answer: How do you knit an I Cord neckline?

What is an i-cord in knitting?

An I-cord is just a narrow, knit tube or rope. I-cords are generally worked over 3, 4 or 5 stitches. Technically you are knitting the stitches in the round, but since the circumference is so small, you can knit an I-cord an a pair of dpns in what looks like rows.

How do you knit a two stitch i-cord?

2 Stitch I-cord

Cast on 2 stitches onto dpns. *Without turning needles, push stitches to the right end of the needle and knit. Repeat from * for desired length. To bind off: k2tog.

Why are the edges of my knitting messy?

The first stitch of every row is the one that’s going to show at the side of your knitting. If this stitch is to lose, the edge will look a bit sloppy and uneven. … When you’ve done the last stitch of the row, make sure it’s nice and tight also after that you have turned your work over.

Why are my knitting edges uneven?

One reason for loose edge stitches can be that the needle tips are repeatedly pulled too far apart, stretching the yarn between the neighboring stitches. The yarn slack accumulates at the last stitch of the row. Keep your tips close together while knitting.

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