Quick Answer: Can you spell tailor made?

Tailor-made means made to fit the needs or specifications of a particular situation, object, or person—or seeming as though it was made that way. In its most literal sense, tailor-made is used to describe a piece of clothing made by a tailor, especially a suit.

Should tailor-made be hyphenated?

Hyphenation of tailormade

Wondering how to hyphenate the English word tailormade? This word can be hyphenated and contains 2 syllables as shown below.

What does tailor-made mean slang?

1 : made by a tailor or with a tailor’s care and style. 2 : made or fitted especially to a particular use or purpose. 3 : factory made rather than hand-rolled tailor-made cigarettes.

What does tailor make mean?

: to make or adapt to a particular use or purpose or to the needs of an individual —opposed to mass-produce.

Where did the term tailor-made originate?

The word “tailor”, which first appears in the Oxford Dictionary in 1297, comes from a French word—tailler—meaning “to cut”. The Latin word for tailor was sartor, meaning someone who patches or mends garments; the English word “sartorial”, for something related to tailored garments, is derived from this word.

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What’s the difference between tailor and Taylor?

“Taylor” is a proper noun which is often translated as “Taylor”, and “tailor” is a noun which is often translated as “el sastre”. Tailors can specialize in alterations or in sewing custom garments. … Those who do alterations ensure that clothes fit customers properly.

What does the word tailor mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) : a person whose occupation is making or altering garments (such as suits, jackets, and dresses) typically to fit a particular person.

What is another word for tailor-made?

In this page you can discover 38 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for tailor-made, like: made-to-measure, , correct, appropriate, , custom-made, made-to-order, designer, custom-built, custom and customized.

What does tailor Maid mean?

If something is tailormade, it has been specially designed for a particular person or purpose. … If you say that someone or something is tailormade for a particular task, purpose, or need, you are emphasizing that they are perfectly suitable for it. [emphasis] He was tailormade, it was said, for the task ahead.

What is tailor-made test?

Sometimes a standardized test deviates too much from practice or sometimes there are practical reasons why a tailor-made test is more appropriate. Examples are specific simulations and pilot-scale tests.

How do you use the word tailor?

Tailor sentence example

  1. Antonio could work his magic and tailor them perfectly. …
  2. Kings and queens who wear a suit but once, though made by some tailor or dressmaker to their majesties, cannot know the comfort of wearing a suit that fits.
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What is the meaning of tailor made solution?

1 adj If something is tailormade, it has been specially designed for a particular person or purpose. Each client’s portfolio is tailormade. 2 adj If you say that someone or something is tailor-madefor a particular task, purpose, or need, you are emphasizing that they are perfectly suitable for it.

What are tailor made plants?

Tailor made means, growing plants for a specific purpose such as high yield, disease resistant etc. Using biotechnological methods, the genetic modification has been done in plants to create tailormade plants to supply alternative resources to industries, in the form of starches, fuels and pharmaceuticals.

Why is everyone using the word bespoke?

“Bespoke” was long reserved for the refined world of high-end men’s suits but has become the go-to phrase of the crème de la crème. … In tailoring, a made-to-measure suit might be customized but that does not make it “bespoke.” The word “bespoke” originated in the days of William Shakespeare.

Who was a tailor in the Bible?

The name Dorcas means gazelle, which is often referred to as an emblem of beauty in the bible. Beauty not being ones external appearance, but rather referring to their actions. Dorcas was using her God given gifts to clothe widows and those in need.

Why is it called bespoke?

The word bespoke (/bəˈspoʊk/) has evolved from a verb meaning ‘to speak for something’, to its contemporary usage as an adjective. Originally, the adjective bespoke described tailor-made suits and shoes.

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