Question: What is yarn Patta?

Uneven Yarn Dyeing Bariness or “Patta”, is the main defect in the fabric, caused due to the uneven dyeing of the yarn. Causes: Uneven yarn dyeing, can be as a result of the mixing of the yarns of two different lots, causing variation in the dye pick up. … from one yarn lot to the other.

What is bow fabric?

Bowing is a condition in woven textiles where filling yarns are displaced from a line perpendicular to the selvages and lie in an arc across the width of the fabric. Bowing appears as rows of courses or yarn-dyed stripes forming a bow shaped curvature along the fabric width.

What are the knitted fabric fault?

Defects have seen during knitting the fabric:

  • Yarn dust, Yarn Dust in the fabric.
  • Set-up, Set-up in the fabric.
  • Loop mark, Loop Mark in the fabric.
  • Needle break, Needle Break in the fabric.
  • Oil spot, Oil Spot in the fabric.
  • Thick and Thin place, Thick and Thin Place in the fabric.
  • Mix yarn or Lot mix, …
  • Hole,

What are the causes of drop stitches?

Drop Stitches (Holes) Drop Stitches are randomly appearing small or big holes of the, same or different size, which appear as defects, in the Knitted fabrics. Ÿ Obstructions in the yarn passage, due to the clogging of eyelets, yarn guides & tension discs, with wax & fluff etc. Ÿ Defects like; Slubs, Naps, Knots etc.

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What are the fabric defects?

The 23 Most Common Fabric Defects That You Should Look Out For During Inspection

  • Horizontal lines. A faulty bobbin (barrel that is used to hold yarn intact). …
  • Variation in the shade of the fabric. …
  • Stains on the garment. …
  • Uneven Printing Marks. …
  • Drop stitches. …
  • Misprinting. …
  • Crease marks. …
  • Barre.

What is skew in garments?

“Skewness” is a defect occurs in a fabric. It is a condition resulting when filling yarns or knitted courses are angularly displaced from a line perpendicular to the edge or side of the fabric due to uneven distribution of tension.

What are the eight knitting defects?

Mixing of the yarn lots. High Yarn Tension. Count Variation. Package hardness variation.


  • High Yarn Tension.
  • Bad Setting of the Yarn Feeders.
  • Old & Worn out Needle set or Breakage of hook or butt in needle.
  • Cylinder Grooves are too tight restricting needle movement.

What is Spirality of knitted fabric?

Spirality can also be termed as fabric skew or fabric torque. Spirality is the problem which occurs when the wale is not perpendicular to the course direction. As the yarn is bent to form a loop, the outer part extends and inner part compresses.

What is yarn fault?

Yarn Faults / Defects:

A yarn which is not uniform is said to be irregular or to contain yarn defects or faults. … During the yarn manufacturing process various types of irregularities are generated in the yarn diameter regularly or at intervals which are known as yarn faults.

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What does drop a stitch mean?

: to let a loop fall off a knitting needle.

What is a dropped stitch?

Dropstitch knitting is a knitting technique for producing open, vertical stripes in a garment. The basic idea is to knit a solid fabric, then (deliberately) drop one or more stitches (i.e., draw a loop out from the loop below it, and so on repeatedly), producing a run (or ladder) in the fabric.

What is called the 4 point system in fabric inspection?

The 4-Point System assigns 1, 2, 3 and 4 penalty points according to the size, quality, and significance of the defect. No more than 4 penalty points is assigned for any single flaw. A defect can be measured either length or width direction; the system remains the same. Only major errors are considered.

Which is yarn defect?

4. SLUBS An abnormally thick place or lump in yarn showing less twist at that place. EFFECT  More end breaks in the next process.

What are major defects?

“major defect” means– (a) a defect in a major element of a building that is attributable to defective design, defective or faulty workmanship, defective materials, or a failure to comply with the structural performance requirements of the National Construction Code (or any combination of these), and that causes, or is …

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