Question: What is a bead roller used for?

A Bead Roller is a machine tool that makes rigid lines in sheet metal to make surfaces more rugged and durable. The lines bead rollers add to sheet metal prevent warping and disfigurement by adding structural integrity to the metal.

What is a bead roller kit?

Bead Rolling Kit. The Woodward Fab bead rolling kit is the best selling bead roller in our inventory. It is designed to strengthen parts or to create steps in materials. It can turn flimsy metal pieces into rigid parts. … It can turn flimsy metal pieces into rigid parts.

What is a metal bead roller?

Bead rollers are one of the versatile metal working tools ever produced. These equipment are used for strengthening or shaping metal sheets, and fabricating beads. These metal beads are used for decorative purposes and in HVAC equipment.

Do I need a bead roller?

Not only does bead rolling give your pieces a slick design, but it also immensely reinforces the panel so if you had a piece of flimsy steel before, once through the bead roller you will have a strong and sturdy panel! Bead rolling is also a very versatile tool.

How do you roll bead rollers without beading?

Cut a groove in a piece of wood the size/ shape of the bead you want, support the floor panel with the wood and chase the bead in with an air hammer and a dull/rounded bit or a hammer and a wood/plastic corking tool.

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