How do you store a quilt in a closet?

Hang quilt tops ready to be quilted in a closet on pants hangers. If you’ve chosen the backing and/or already cut the binding, loop it over the hanger.

How do you store a quilt when not in use?

Never store your quilts in air-tight containers or storage bag; cutting off the air accelerates the decomposition of the cotton as does storing them in high temperatures. Avoid folds as they may become permanent creases in your quilts. The best way to store a quilt is flat on a bed with a sheet over it.

Is it OK to store quilts in plastic bags?

Thou shalt not store a quilt in a plastic container or bag. This method often causes mold and mildew because it traps in any moisture, causing fibers to break down and leaving discoloration and staining.

How do you store a large quilt?

Store in a Dark Place

Store your quilts in a dark area if possible as sunlight and interior lighting will fade fabric colors over time. Darker areas tend to have cooler temperatures which are desirable when it comes to quilt storage, with the most ideal temperatures ranging between 59 and 68 F.

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Is it OK to store quilts in a cedar chest?

Cedar chests are not ideal places to store your quilts. The acid from the wood can easily transfer to your quilt, causing discoloration and staining. But if a cedar chest is your only storage option or you really want to use the chest for this purpose, then slip your quilts into cotton pillowcases first.

How should old quilts be stored?

You can store your quilt in an acid-free box, wrap it in a piece of washed, unbleached muslin or fold it in a pillowcase. Never keep it in a cardboard box or plastic bag.

How do you take care of an antique quilt?

Wash it with quilt wash on a gentle cycle in a front-loading machine, if possible. Rinse and spin twice to remove all residues. To dry, lay the quilt flat on a sheet outdoors or on a bed. If drying it outdoors, cover the quilt with another sheet to protect it from passing birds.

How do you store blankets in a cedar chest?

All fabric items should be laundered and dried and free of starch, softeners or bleaches before being stored. Arrange items within the chest so the heaviest articles are on the bottom and the most delicate items are on top. Store the cedar chest in a cool, dry location away from humidity or fumes.

Can you store books in a cedar chest?

Good news! Even though you can’t just throw anything as it is into your cedar chest and close the lid, you can store pretty much anything in your chest.

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What do you do with family quilts?

Old quilts are perfect for all your crafting needs. Use the patterned fabric for collage making, year-round seasonal wreaths, pot holders, gift wrap ties, coasters, or wall decorations. Keep a box of old fabric pieces on hand for whenever you get the urge to create something new!

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