How do you make a baby shower cake with receiving blankets?

How do you make a baby receiving blanket cake?

Place the baby blanket roll on a cake tray and stack the baby towel roll on top of the baby blanket roll. Stack the receiving blanket roll on top of the baby towel roll. Top the cake with a silk flower or stuffed animal. Wrap the entire cake in tulle netting and tie the netting closed with a 2-inch-wide ribbon.

How do you cover a diaper cake with receiving blankets?

To make the diaper cake:

  1. Use one of the baby bottles, and wrap one diaper at a time around it (don’t open the diapers up). …
  2. Fold a receiving blanket lengthwise and wrap it around one layer. …
  3. Tie a decorative ribbon around the center of each diaper layer (hiding the elastic band if you’ve used one).

What do you wrap a diaper cake with?

Roll one diaper up and secure it with a small rubber band. Repeat for all of the diapers. Place a heavy bottle of baby lotion or shampoo in the center of your cake base. You can also use an empty paper towel or wrapping paper tube.

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How do you make a diaper cake out of toilet paper rolls?


  1. MAKE THE CAKE STRUCTURE. Cut the toilet paper rolls to the width of the diapers you are using. …
  2. ADD THE DIAPERS. Wrap some of the diapers around the cardboard support tubes and secure in place with rubber bands. …

How do you wrap a diaper cake?

To finish off the cake, wrap around muslin squares (that have been doubled over several times until they are the height of each tier). I used one muslin square around the top tier, and secured it with some masking tape, two around the middle tier, and three around the bottom tier.

How do you make a diaper cake without a cake pan?

Wrap some string or a rubber band around the middle of the diaper “cake.” This will hold your diaper cake together. Do not use tape or glue, as this can ruin the diapers, and make them unusable for the new mom. Repeat the process for the other pie pans.

What size diapers do you use for a diaper cake?

Most diaper cakes use about 50 to 75 newborn or size 1 diapers.

Can you make a diaper out of pads?

If your baby is a little older (1 or 2) and already has a few pairs of ‘big boy or girl underwear’ around the nursery, then you can make a diaper with pads by attaching them to the inside of the underwear and slip them on like normal.

How much should baby shower cost?

Typical costs: A baby shower typically costs $100-$1,000, depending on the number of guests, the menu and location. Many baby showers are held in a home with finger foods provided by the host or hostess, typically with 15-40 guests.

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While diaper cakes for baby showers are becoming a more common occurrence at baby showers, they are still a new concept to a number of baby shower guests. Diaper cakes are a great conversation starter!

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