How do you finish a crochet sphere?

Hide the tail on the inside of the ball by going through the center hole. Come back out of the ball away from the top. Then go back inside one stitch from where you just came out. Repeat this about 2 times or more to secure the end, then cut any excess of the tail end off.

How do you close crochet amigurumi?

Using your tapestry needle, weave the yarn through the front loop of each stitch in your last round. Pull the yarn taught until the bump flattens. Weave in your end and cut the yarn. Voila!

How do you crochet an ultimate finish?

The Ultimate Finish-Off method works similarly like a Magic Ring.

Crochet Tips: The Ultimate Finish-Off (F/O)

  1. With 6 single crochet remaining, cut the yarn and leave a long end.
  2. Insert a yarn needle onto the long end.
  3. Using your yarn needle, weave in only on the outer loops of the remaining 6 single crochets.

What does F o mean in crochet?

The abbreviation FO can mean two things: “Finish Off” or “Fasten Off” and the term often comes near the end of a pattern to tell you that the project is complete. In general crafting, the term FO can also mean “Finished Object,” but this is less common in crochet.

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How do you crochet a shut stitch?

Using a BENT YARN NEEDLE, sew the hole closed by going through the FRONT LOOP ONLY of each of the 6 sts (or however many stitches you have in the last row). Pull tight to close the hole. Hide the tail on the inside of the ball by going through the center hole. Come back out of the ball away from the top.

How do you do an invisible decrease in crochet?


  1. Insert hook into the front loop of the next 2 stitches. (3 loops on the hook)
  2. Yarn over and pull through both front loops. (2 loops on the hook)
  3. Yarn over and pull through both loops. You have completed you invisible decrease!

What does finish off mean in crochet?

When you finish a piece of crocheted fabric, you’ll need to fasten off the yarn and secure it so the stitch will not unravel. Simply cut the yarn leaving a few inches of tail. Then, with your hook, draw the tail through the loop on your hook.

What is blocking for crochet?

Blocking is essentially a way of using water to shape your crochet (or knit) fabric to achieve a more finished look. The moisture is added, the fabric is shaped and fixed (usually using pins or wires) then left to dry. … When a pattern says block to size, it usually means to dimensions (i.e. size and shape).

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