How do I service my Overlocker?

Turn off the overlocker and unplug it from the power source. Open the overlocker and brush out any lint or fabric debris with the brush to clean out the interior of the machine. Wipe the machine with the cotton cloth. Place two to three drops of oil on the metal parts of the overlocker that need oiling.

Do I need to oil my overlocker?

Just like your sewing machines, your overlocker needs some regular cleaning and oiling. … A quick dusting with this cloth is pretty much my daily practice for any machine that I have used. They also work great for dusting off work surfaces. At the end of every big project, I clean out the inside of my overlocker.

How do you service a serger?

Serger Maintenance

  1. Gather a few tools to help the process go quickly and smoothly. …
  2. For deep cleaning, unthread the machine and remove the presser foot and needles. …
  3. Using a soft brush, such as a paint brush, lint brush or make-up brush, clean the lower area of the serger. …
  4. Use a pipe cleaner for hard-to-reach areas.

Why is my overlocker not working?

When you overlocker is not stitching right, it could be that the blades need changing. … If this threading is wrong, then your overlocker will not form a chain or even a stitch. After that, check your tension settings when you start threading the machine. If they are not already set to 0 do so before threading.

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How often should I change my overlocker needles?

Amazing Designs recommends inserting a new needle at the start of every project, or after about eight hours of sewing. Also, be sure to change your needle whenever it becomes bent, dull or develops a burr. Damaged or worn needles result in: Broken or shredded threads.

How often should you oil a serger?

An unused machine will dry up faster than a machine that is used often. So if it’s been sitting unused for several months or years, you will need to oil it before using it. Machines used frequently, with regular cleaning and care, may only need to be oiled every 4-9 months.

What kind of oil do you use on a sewing machine?

While there are natural and synthetic oils that could do a decent oiling job, the best kind of oil meant for oiling sewing machines is mineral oil. This oil is created from petrochemicals or certain substances made from crude oil. The sewing machine oil is white watery, odorless, and has a light viscosity.

Why is my serger squeaking?

The most common solution to a squeaky sewing machine is oil. A little oil goes a long way to quieting your sewing area down so you can concentrate on what you are doing. … There are other reasons than a lack of oil that makes a sewing machine squeak or make noise.

Can I use sewing machine oil on my serger?

Rule #3 never ever use any other kind of oil or grease not specifically labeled as for sergers or sewing machines!

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