Does a knitting machine Ribber have a sponge bar?

Most people don’t know KR260 Ribber requires a sponge bar too because most standard gauge machine ribber does not need one.

Does a Ribber have a sponge bar?

The standard gauge ribbers do not have sponge bars but use a plastic needle presser bar or retaining bar, unless this brakes it does not need to be replaced. The chunky ribbers use a sponge bar so this will also need to be in good condition. A sponge bar will degrade even when not in use, probably quicker.

Where is the sponge bar on a knitting machine?

In 90% of knitting machines, the sponge bar is fitted sponge side down above the needles on the needle bed. This sponge bar is under the metal plate, this sits on top of needles. You can get it out by pushing on the retaining bar, help is here is this help page.

Does the bond knitting machine have a sponge bar?

She said the original Bond machines didn’t have foam rubber, but I notice that they also have a slightly different carriage design. Just a side note. Passaps have a spring, not a sponge bar.

What is a sponge bar?

Flat bed knitting machines use a sponge bar to hold the needles in place as the carriage moves back and forth. It is about 3/8″ wide and runs the whole length of the bed. Sometimes this bar is referred to as the needle retaining bar. … When the foam is dead in a bulky machine, the needles become loose and sloppy.

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