Do I need a mini iron for quilting?

Pressing your work is an essential part of almost any sewing, patchwork, quilting, or applique project. Using a regular iron can sometimes be all you need. However, there are times when you need more control over what you’re doing. A regular full-size iron just can’t provide that, so you need a mini iron.

Do you need a special iron for quilting?

If you are a serious quilter, you need a reliable iron for your fabric and quilting projects. … If you’ve done any ironing in your life, I’m sure you’ve found that some irons leak, others burn, and then there are those that quit working after a few months.

What iron do quilters recommend?

Quilting Iron Comparison Chart

Product Best Power
Black+Decker Classic Steam Iron Safest 1100 W
Rowenta DW5080 Micro Steam Iron Powerful 1700 W
PurSteam Professional Steam Iron Crowd favorite 1700 W
CHI Steam Iron for Clothes Control 1700 W

What is the best small iron for quilting?

Best Mini Iron for Quilting

  • Steamfast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron with Dual Voltage.
  • Cricut Easy Press Mini.
  • Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot 800 Watt Travel Iron.
  • Dritz 29500 Petite Press Portable Mini Iron.
  • Darice, White Mini Electric Iron.
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What’s the best mini iron?

Now that you know what to look for, here are the best lightweight travel irons currently on the market.

  • Steamfast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron. …
  • Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot Compact Iron for Travel. …
  • PurSteam Travel Steamer Iron Mini. …
  • SMAGREHO Mini Travel Steam Iron. …
  • Rowenta DA1560 Dual Voltage Travel Iron.

Should I iron my sewing pattern?

When sewing and using tissue paper pattern pieces that are folded or very wrinkled, it is very important to press the pattern pieces with a dry iron on a low setting so they lay flat. … If you do not press them, the wrinkles and folds may distort the lines on the pattern and possible even the size.

What is the best iron to buy?

The best steam irons to buy

  1. Philips Azur Steam Iron GC4567/86: The best all-round iron. …
  2. Tefal Ultimate Anti-Scale FV9788 Steam Iron: Feature-packed and brilliant to use. …
  3. Swan SI3070N Travel Iron: The best travel steam iron. …
  4. Russell Hobbs Powersteam 20630 Ultra Iron: The best budget steam iron.

What is the newest Oliso iron?


The Oliso® TG1600 Pro features Oliso’s patented iTouch® technology. Simply touch the handle and the iron lowers, ready to work. Take your hand off and the patented scorchguards lift the iron off the board preventing scorches, burns, and tipping.

Should I empty the water from my iron?

Always empty the reservoir when done ironing. Even distilled water will cause buildup if it’s left inside the iron. Store your iron in an upright position to prevent any water leaking and to keep your soleplate from leaning against anything that could damage or scratch it.

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Which is the best Oliso iron?

1. Oliso Pro TG1600 Smart Iron. The TG1600 Smart Iron is the best Oliso steam iron on the market, boasting two unique color options: butterscotch and pink. Adding a nice splash of color to your craft room, this iron features iTouch technology which lowers scorch guards with the touch of your hand.

How do you choose an iron for sewing?

With a good iron in your hands, you will make better sewing projects in less time.

  1. higher wattage (at least 1700 W),
  2. high continuous amount of steam,
  3. large water tank.
  4. hotter temperature settings.
  5. longer auto shut-off.
  6. Other features such as weight, type of soleplate and cord length are also important but not that much.

Where is the Oliso iron made?

Manufactured by Oliso Corporation which is based in San Francisco United States, this is an iron that comes with all the bells and whistles.

What is a mini iron used for?

What is the Mini Iron typically used for? It’s handy for applique and crafting; I use it for freezer paper appliqué and pressing small pieces.

How hot do mini irons get?

560 degree F. It takes about 10 minutes for the iron to reach the max temperature. I strongly advise you to purchase separately the Clover cooling stand made of heat-resistant material to control the iron. The stand that comes with the iron is not steady and accidents happen.

Are clothes irons dual voltage?

How can I tell if I have a dual voltage clothes iron? … Single voltage could also have a small voltage range with a dash to accomodate small voltage fluctuations – such as 100-120V. Dual voltage will say a large voltage range separated with a slash or dash – such as 100/240V.

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