Best answer: What is Shetland lace knitting?

The making of very fine hand-knitted lace. Shetland fine lace is an extremely delicate knitted fabric made with soft Shetland wool spun into very fine yarn and knitted into intricate patterns. It is traditionally knitted by hand on wires using a knitting belt.

Which island in Shetland is renowned for its fine lace?

Unst, the most northerly island in Shetland has a tradition for fine lace knitting. The intricate openwork stitches invented by the islanders were given names such as ‘fern’ and ‘horseshoe’. The Heritage Centre in Unst has an excellent collection of local garments.

What is lace knitting called?

Knitted lace is considered double sided lace and that’s when you work the lace stitch, creating yarnovers (adding stitches) and decreasing stitches on both sides of the work. There are so many variations with this, and yes, purl stitches are a part of both knitted lace and lace knitting.

What is a lace stitch?

Lace knitting is a style of knitting characterized by stable “holes” in the fabric arranged with consideration of aesthetic value. Lace is sometimes considered the pinnacle of knitting, because of its complexity and because woven fabrics cannot easily be made to have holes.

What stitch is a variation of lace knitting?

knit one selvedge stitch, *yo, ssk*, end knit one. Repeat that row as desired. It makes a reversible, stretchy mesh. I sometimes like to play around with lace knitting by omitting the plain rows and seeing what the pattern stitches look like as knitted lace instead.

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What is a wedding ring shawl?

In the English-speaking world, they are often called “wedding ring shawls” because, although the shawls are quite large, a shawl knit in the traditional fashion is so fine that it can be pulled through a wedding ring.

What is the difference between lace knitting and knitted lace?

Lace knitting pertains to the style and technique characterized by alternating rows of plain knitting and a row of knitted rows. It also has decreases in various patterns. Meanwhile, knitted lace also makes use of increases, decreases, and yarn overs in a single thread to create a specific design.

Is lace a pattern?

Lace is a delicate fabric made of yarn or thread in an open weblike pattern, made by machine or by hand. … Originally linen, silk, gold, or silver threads were used. Now lace is often made with cotton thread, although linen and silk threads are still available.

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