You asked: How do you gather a knitted skirt?

How wide should a gathered skirt be?

Your continuous lap is slightly trickier, but not by much. It should be 2″ inches wide. To figure out its length, subtract your waist measurement from your hip measurement (make sure you measure at the widest part of your hips). I usually add 5 more inches to make sure I have plenty of room.

Can you gather a circle skirt?

Gather the skirt by holding on to the ends of the dental floss and pulling the fabric evenly towards the centre. Pin the ends and centre of the skirt to the unfinished edge of the waistband (right sides together). Try to gather the fabric evenly along both halves while you finish pinning the waistband to the skirt.

How much should I add to a gathered skirt?

Cut a rectangle that is 5 inches wide in height and your waist (or where you want to wear the waistband) plus 2 inches (5cm) long. This gives you 1 inch for seam allowance and 1 inch for ease. If you like a looser skirt at the waist you can add a little more to the length.

How much extra fabric do I need for a gathered skirt?

You will need:

  1. fabric – roughly 3 times the length of your waistline measurement by however long you want your skirt, with enough leftover to make a waistband.
  2. an invisible zip.
  3. hook & eye or snaps to fasten.
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How do you measure for a gathered skirt?

Determining the amount of fabric necessary for a gathered skirt is a straightforward task.

  1. Determine how long you want the gathered skirt to be. …
  2. Add 2 inches to the length of your skirt. …
  3. Measure around your waist using a measuring tape and multiply this number by three.
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