You asked: Can you crochet with different size yarn?

Substituting yarn of a different weight is possible but it does take planning. There are other factors to consider as well, such as the size of the crochet hook and how tight you crochet.

Can you crochet with two different sized yarns?

To work on a project with two different yarns is pretty easy. Just pick perhaps a Fingering Yarn and a Worsted weight yarn, match the colors or combine what you like. Knit stripes, 2 rows with each yarn. You can carry the yarn on the side.

Can you use different weight yarn in crochet?

If you want to use a totally different yarn

If you are making a jumper or some other fitted garment, matching yarn weight properties is pretty important. For crochet squares however, you can really do what you want as a blanket is a blanket is a blanket, no matter the size.

How do you crochet with different yarns?

How to Join Yarn in Crochet

  1. Double crochet (dc) across the row, stopping before the last stitch of the row.
  2. Work the last double crochet to the point where only 2 loops are left on the hook.
  3. Wrap the cut end of the new yarn around the hook, from back to front. …
  4. Draw the new yarn through the 2 loops on your hook.
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How do you change yarn sizes when crocheting?

When you look for a suitable substitution, look for a yarn with the same yarn icon or the same key words. For example, if your original pattern calls for a DK weight, look for the #3 Light icon or the words DK on the new yarn.

Can I crochet a 4ply pattern in DK?

If you use DK for a 4 ply pattern it will come out bigger so, if the pattern tells you to knit for, say, 4″ or 10cms you will have to make it a bit longer to be in proportion. The easiest thing would be to try to find a pattern in DK or to buy some inexpensive 4ply yarn and use your DK yarn for something else.

Can I substitute bulky yarn for worsted weight yarn?

Bulky yarn knits up quickly on super large needles. Generally, two strands of worsted weight yarn can be substituted for one strand of bulky weight yarn.

How do I substitute DK yarn for worsted?

‘Can I substitute DK yarn for worsted?’

You can! But it’s worth bearing in mind that DK is a slightly thinner yarn to worsted, so the best way to substitute is by going up a needle or hook size so that the tension will be the same.

Can I use DK instead of Aran crochet?

For example, it can be possible to use two strands of DK weight yarn to make a worsted/aran weight yarn, or two strands of worsted/aran to make a chunky yarn. This can certainly be done with success, but only if you knit a swatch first.

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