What is the magic loop technique in knitting?

Is Magic loop the same as circular needles?

The Magic Loop method allows you to easily use circular needles for projects with a smaller circumference, irrespective of how long the cord is. This circular knitting method is not to be confused with the Magic Ring (Magic Loop) method used in crochet.

What size needles for magic loop?

You really only need one piece of equipment to start learning Magic Loop: a 40– to 47-inch-long circular needle in a medium size, say, US size 7 or 8. You’ll also need about 50 yards of worsted-weight yarn, but you probably have some already.

How do you solve a magic circle?

Yang Hui magic circles

  1. The sum of the numbers on four diameters = 147, …
  2. The sum of 8 numbers plus 9 at the center =147; …
  3. The sum of eight radius without 9 =magic number 69: such as 27 + 15 + 3 + 24 = 69.
  4. The sum of all numbers on each circle (not including 9) = 2 × 69.

Can circular knitting needles be too long?

What can you do if your circular needles are too long? If your circular needles are too long for your project, you can switch to a shorter pair, use the magic loop method, or even use two pairs of circular needles of the same size (a substitute for the magic loop method).

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Does circular needle length matter?

When it comes to circular needles, length does matter. … If you aren’t working in the round then there is far more flexibility, and it depends more on how many stitches you are comfortable cramming onto your needles.

How do I change the needle size on my magic loop?

To switch needles on Magic Loop, take the new circular needle you would like to switch to and then hold it in your right hand. With the new right-hand needle, begin knitting the stitches on the old left-hand needle.

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