What is sublimation in sewing?

Sublimation is the process of transferring dye to a fabric using heat. The images and graphics are printed on special paper placed on the garment and heat is applied, allowing the ink to become part of the fabric. This will leave you with a more breathable, soft-hand feel to the fabric.

What is cut and sew sublimation?

The more high-end of Stylus’s sublimation printing services is called “cut and sew all-over sublimation.” This process is similar to the pre-made garment sublimation process. However, with cut and sew sublimation, the printing is done before the garment is assembled.

What is sublimation and how does it work?

Chemically, sublimation is the quick conversion of a solid substance into a gaseous state without passing through the liquid state. For conventional sublimation printing with an inkjet printer you need the sublimation ink cartridges as well as costly sublimation paper.

What can sublimation be used for?

What exactly is sublimation? In simple terms, it’s a method of printing that transfers a design into a material or fabric using ink and heat. In the world of apparel, it’s a game changer in that it allows whole garment prints — designs that go seam-to-seam.

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Does Printify do sublimation?

We at Printify just launched new AOP shirts and we currently have two models available: Unisex AOP Cut & Sew Tee and Women’s AOP Cut & Sew Tee. These are either sublimated or cut and sew products.

What are cut and sew t shirts?

Put simply, cut and sew is used to denote a garment (like a t-shirt), that has been customised from “raw” fabric, instead of simply being printed onto a pre-made, off the shelf garment. Cut and sew may simply be used to change the sleeve design, or add pockets to a garment.

Can sublimation be done on cotton?

Polyfog places a polymer into the cotton to make it sublimation ready. Simply spray the area that will be sublimated and allow to dry. Use either a spray pump bottle to administer or a commercial sprayer.

Is sublimation better than screen printing?

If you are making many T-shirts, screen printing is a more cost-effective approach. Dye sublimation is better for small projects of just one or two T-shirts. The reason for this is because dye sublimation is more expensive and time-consuming. … Small orders, on the other hand, are not very practical for screen printing.

Can you sublimate onto velvet?

the only suitable fabric for dye sublimation is 100% polyester, nylon, lycra. … Velvet is a pile fabric and the heat of the iron will flatten, or worse, melt the fibers.

What is the difference between heat press and sublimation?

Both imprint methods use heat to transfer an image onto a blank T-shirt (or other pieces of clothing) and other promotional products. … The biggest difference is the mechanism in which the image transfers. In the sublimation process, the heat you use when pressing releases the gases in the ink.

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What materials can you sublimate on?

What Materials Can Be Sublimation Printed? Suitable materials are man-made polymers such as Polyester and PVC. These can be ‘hard’ such as a polyester coated sheet of aluminium or ceramic tiles or ‘soft’ such as polycotton textiles.

Can you use sublimation on dark shirts?

Yes , sublimation print is suitable For polyester fabric , mainly light color polyester fabric . Print on dark t-shirts You can use digital print .

Can I use regular printer for sublimation?

Printers come with recommended paper types for a reason, and the reason is that different papers will do different things. Not all printers can use sublimation paper, simply because of the way that sublimation paper is built. With regular printer paper, it’s the ink that does the work.

Can I sublimate on any mug?

If the coffee mug is glazed ceramic you should be able to sublimation print without any coating at all. … If the product that you want to print on is not ceramic, there are other techniques available, such as water-slide decal, ink transfer and many more.

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