What is an electric bead reamer?

This electric bead reamer saves you time and strain. Use it to smooth and enlarge bead holes. This reamer features variable speed control 5,000 to 18,000 rpm. When using diamond coated instruments, always remember to use water or a lubricant.

What does a bead reamer do?

A bead reamer is a pointed, round file that is used to either smooth the edges of the drill hole in a bead or to widen the hole itself. Its important to always smooth the rough edges on a bead as they will wear the cord or wire of your design.

What is a bead reamer set?

A bead reamer is a tool that is used to enlarge, straighten or smooth the holes on glass, gemstone, pearl or other types of beads. It is a round file, usually coated with diamond dust to help it smooth away the bead material. They are often available in sets of varying lengths and thicknesses.

How do you widen beads without a reamer?

You don’t have to purchase a bead reamer. A few things you can use: a safety pin, a toothpick, a paper clip or bobby pin, darning needle, anything with a point that will slide through the beading hole easily.

How do you enlarge a bead hole?

You have choices: Jam your needle or wire through the bead, often resulting in frustration and a broken bead. Throw the bead over your shoulder (like with salt, it’s considered good luck). Use a tool, such as a bead reamer, to enlarge the hole.

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Can you use a bead reamer on glass beads?

Use this reamer to enlarge all types of beads, including glass, stone, metal, pearl and ceramic. The sturdy handle allows for easy control and smooth even reaming of your beads. This small bead reamer has a graduated tip and is an essential tool used to enlarge, smooth and standardize holes in beads.

What are beading tools?

Top 10 Beading Tools

  • Chain-nose pliers. Of all the beading tools on my worktable, I think the chain-nose pliers are my favorite. …
  • Round-nose pliers. …
  • Crimping pliers. …
  • Flush cutters. …
  • Wire cutters. …
  • Sharp embroidery scissors. …
  • Fiskars kitchen scissors. …
  • Thread burner.

How do you enlarge a pearl hole?

However, if you’d like to use needle and thread again for your next design, use a pearl reamer to make the drill holes larger. These handy tools come with a very fine, tapered, corkscrew-like tip. Just pass the tip through the drill hole, hold onto the pearl and slide it back and forth to enlarge and smooth the hole.

How do you poke holes in beads?

If possible, use a toothpick to poke a small hole or indentation into the bead before you bake it.

  1. The indentation should be centered over the position you plan to drill a hole through.
  2. This indentation can serve as a guide when you start drilling into the hardened, baked bead later.
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