What does PRINCE2 require us to tailor?

A PRINCE2 project should be tailored to suit the project’s size, environment, complexity, importance, capability and risk.

What Cannot be tailored in PRINCE2?

So what is tailoring? You cannot apply PRINCE2 best practice guidance without tailoring; it is one of the seven underlying principles of the method. … Tailoring enables you to modify the PRINCE2 roles, themes, processes, product descriptions and terminology.

Who is responsible for tailoring PRINCE2 for a project?

In a programme, the Senior Responsible owner is needs to make sure that the programme meets its objectives and delivers benefits. There is also a programme manager and one or more business change manager. The company could also have a lead supplier and project executive within the programme.

When tailoring PRINCE2 What does PRINCE2 Agile guidance cover?

PRINCE2 Agile provides guidance on tailoring PRINCE2 in an agile context and covers: how to tailor the principles, themes and processes. how to produce the PRINCE2 management products. how to map the common agile roles to the PRINCE2 project management team structure.

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What are the guidelines for tailoring simple projects?

Tailoring PRINCE2 for Simple Projects

  • Level 1: The Lowest level is Tasks. A group of tasks is done by a single person.
  • Level 2: Simple Project with low risk involving a few persons. It has just one delivery stage. …
  • Level 3: Normal Project with one or more delivery stages. …
  • Level 5: Program: These contain multiple projects.

What are the three types of PRINCE2 management products?

There are three levels of plans in PRINCE2: project plan, stage plan, and team plan. Each plan level follows the same composition.

According to PRINCE2, an issue can be 1) Request for Change, 2) an Off-Specification, or 3) problem/concern. An Issue Report could also describe related issues, so they would not always be a risk.

How do you tailor PRINCE2 to suit a project?

Ensure that the Project Method relates to the project’s environment (e.g., if working in a financial environment, then align it with the existing management structure). Ensure that the project’s controls and the way Progress is measured are based on the project’s scale, complexity, importance, capability and risk.

How do I start a PRINCE2 project?

The following Activities are to be done in the Starting Up a Project process:

  1. Appoint the Executive and the Project Manager.
  2. Capture Previous Lessons.
  3. Design and appoint the project management team.
  4. Prepare the outline Business Case and create the Project Product Description (PPD).

What are the goals of tailoring PRINCE2?

Tailoring is not about leaving whole chunks of it out, it is about adapting the method to external factors and the project factors to consider. The goal is to apply a level of a project management, that does not overburden the project but provides an appropriate level of control given to the external project factors.

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What are the disadvantages of PRINCE2?


  • Only has 2 tools and techniques (over 100 in PMBOK® Guide)
  • Doesn’t cover soft skills.
  • Easy to run PINO projects (PRINCE2 IN name Only)
  • Requires senior management buy-in to be successful.
  • Requires experience to apply it well.
  • Has (unfair) reputation that it’s documentation-heavy.

What are the benefits of PRINCE2?

5 Benefits of PRINCE2

  • Widely Recognised. Although PRINCE began as a standard for IT project management, PRINCE2 was developed to be more universally useful. …
  • Common Vocabulary. It’s not just the qualification that’s recognised across industries and countries. …
  • Flexible. …
  • Built for Uncertainty. …
  • Perfect Starter Qualification.

What are the 7 themes of PRINCE2?

The 7 Themes

  • Business Case. Related to the continued business justification principle. …
  • Organisation. Related to the define roles and responsibilities principle. …
  • Quality. Related to the focus on products principle. …
  • Plans. A plan describes how targets will be achieved. …
  • Risk. …
  • Change. …
  • Progress.
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