What does it mean to knit with waste yarn?

The best waste yarn comes from the leftover bits from other projects. We usually save those bits in a basket and bring them out when we need them for a project. … Using yarn that’s a similar weight helps the stitches stay even until you get back to them.

What is meant by waste yarn in knitting?

Waste yarns are the leftover or scrap yarns that are different from the yarns you use for your projects. You also put stitches on these yarns but they only act as stitch holders. Waste yarns, scrap yarns, and waste knitting are all the same. … This scrap yarn is not part of your finished project.

How do you put thumb stitches on waste yarn?

::: how to place stitches on hold on waste yarn :::

Voila, stitches have been place on hold! You can tie the ends of the waste yarn together (so it doesn’t slip out). Later on, when you want to continue knitting from these ‘held’ or ‘live’ stitches, simply slip them back onto needles, and pull the waste yarn out.

How do you finish the armpit hole in knitting?

Use the darning needle to stitch up the hole. Then weave the yarn across to the other side and do the same to close up the last hole. Voila! A nice neat underarm seam has been completed!

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What can you use as a stitch holder?

A stitch holder can come in quite handy, but here are a few options on what to do when you don’t have one: any spare needle, straight or circular (use a cork as a stopper on the pointy end); a length of scrap yarn (use a yarn needle to slip the stitches onto the yarn and tie the ends together so you don’t lose any …

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