What does get a bead on mean?

What does a bead on mean?

get a bead on (someone or something)

1. To aim at someone or something with the sights on a firearm. I managed to get a bead on the enemy sniper but had to wait until I received the order to fire. 2. By extension, to focus one’s attention on someone or something so as to deal with or attack him, her, or it.

Where did the phrase get a bead on come from?

To take careful verbal aim at a person. An Americanism dating from about 1830, the term comes from aiming a revolver or rifle, on which the “bead” was a small knob on the foresight. It was being used figuratively by about 1930.

Have a good bead on things meaning?

To have a good bead on thus means, figuratively, to have a good, clear shot lined up. It suggests the people so described see the target clearly and have command of the situation. All that remains for them to do is pull the trigger.

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What does it mean to draw a bead on someone?

Take careful aim, as in The debater drew a bead on his opponent. This term, dating from about 1830, alludes to the bead on a revolver or rifle, that is, a small knob in the foresight. [

Why do we say drink like a fish?

Consume large amounts of alcoholic beverages, as in He always drinks like a fish at holiday dinners. The expression, first recorded in the mid-1600s, alludes to the way fish obtain oxygen, which causes them to be open-mouthed and appear to be constantly drinking.

Have you got a beat or bead?

In American English when you focus narrowly on something or define it carefully you “get a bead” or “draw a bead” on it. … “Beat” is often mistakenly substituted for “bead” by people who imagine that the expression has something to do with matching the timing of the person or activity being observed, catching up with it.

Do we have a bead on?

In American English when you focus narrowly on something or define it carefully you “get a bead” or “draw a bead” on it. In this expression the term “bead” comes from the former name for the little metal bump on the end of a gun barrel which helped the shooter aim precisely at a target.

What does it mean to take a beat?

: to be beaten badly in a game or contest The team took a beating in last night’s game. —often used figuratively to suggest a setback or loss Our plans took a real beating from the review committee.

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What does it mean to get a read on someone?

To “read” someone means to try and figure out what they‘re thinking.

Has come to a head meaning?

or bring something to a head. if a problem or disagreement comes to a head, it reaches a state where you have to take action to deal with it.

What does to draw the long bow mean?

draw the longbow, to exaggerate in telling stories; overstate something: He’s sure to draw the longbow on the size of his catch of fish.

What is the meaning of the idiom all and sundry?

DEFINITIONS1. everyone, not just the particular people who have been chosen for something. I don’t want all and sundry to know I’ve lost my job. Synonyms and related words. Everyone and everybody.

What does hauled over the coals mean?

to speak angrily to someone because they have done something wrong. The American expression is rake someone over the coals. Synonyms and related words. To criticize, accuse or blame.

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