What do beaded bracelets mean at raves?

According to the pair, trading ‘Kandi’ bracelets is a popular ritual in American rave culture. … According to these loved-up BFFs, people exchange Kandi at raves as a sign of appreciation for their besties. This ritual is called P.L.U.R., which stands for Peace Love Unity Respect.

What do beads mean at a rave?

Made with beads found in craft stores like Michaels or AC Moore, it has become popular amongst dance music lovers. It has come to represent a kindness that brings the rave community closer by being a conversation starter that can double as a gift.

What are Kandi bracelets?

Kandi are bracelets people trade at EDM shows and festivals. … The bracelets are commonly made out of plastic Pony beads on a stretchy elastic band, usually with a phrase added with letter beads. While most Kandi bracelets are simple one strand pieces – “singles”, they can get quite complex.

Why are Kandi bracelets called?

Kandi is a name used among ravers for bracelets made of bright, plastic beads that usually have a word or phrase spelled out on them. … The idea was—because at raves your hands are usually in the air—the dealers bright bracelets could be seen by everyone behind them and people would know they can buy drugs from him.

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Why do ravers wear mask?

Ravers wear face masks to cut down on inhaling pollutants, dust, dander, or getting bodily fluids from another person (sweat drops from people in close proximity forcibly touching rubbing pushing sliding smashing against each other) They look really cool too, adds a mysterious flair to your outfit.

Why do people wear bracelets at raves?

These bracelets, called kandi, are as synonymous with the festival scene as glasses and masks, and they’re a big deal. Kandi are meant to be exchanged and given away at festivals and raves as an expression of friendship and the rave code of PLUR – peace, love, unity, and respect.

Do I have to trade Kandi?

Of course, you don’t have to trade kandi if you don’t want to – you can just give it away! If you see someone who is kandi-less or who looks particularly lonely or sad, giving them kandi can be a way to lift their spirits and bring them into the PLUR lifestyle.

What is a PLUR baby?

It changed me to be a kind loving respectful human. I learned through raving not only to stay hydrated because duh festivals and raves go hard, but to accept myself and most importantly to accept all! The whole acronym P.L.U.R. … You can’t go wrong with Peace Love Unity & Respect!

Which arm is the no trade arm Kandi?

Kandi worn on the right arm are for trade, while the left arm is off limits. Generally speaking, anything on the right arm is available for trade and the ones that are not tradeable are on the left.

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What kind of string do you use for a Kandi bracelet?

Elastic craft string is the best string to use for making Kandi bracelets. You want your bracelet to fit tight when you wear it, but you also want to be able to easily put it on and take it off. You could use a clasp, but elastic string is much easier and cheaper.

How many pony beads are in a bracelet?

An average bracelet will have approximately 25 to 32 beads on it, depending on the size of your wrist. Small children will usually only need about 20 to 25.

When did Kandi become a thing?

Originating in the early ’90s, kandi soon became an endemic fixture in the rave scene. Ravers made and traded the little handmade bead bracelets as a show of friendship and solidarity. EDC Las Vegas has a particular fondness for kandi, as do many American festivals.

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