Quick Answer: What does k2tog TBL mean in knitting?

What does knit 2 together TBL mean?

A purl two together through the back loop (P2Tog TBL) stitch is exactly the opposite. It is most often used to decrease and twist on purl rows.

What is the difference between k2tog and k2tog TBL?

What is k2togtbl? K2togtbl is a left-leaning decrease in knitting and although it is a less commonly used stitch, it’s still important to learn how to do. It is similar to the basic k2tog stitch except that you work it through the back loops of the stitches instead of the front loops.

Is SSK the same as PSSO?

If there is one question I get all the time, it’s “Which left-leaning decrease should I use? I don’t understand the differences!” Some of you might even be surprised to learn that the ssk and the sl-k1-psso do the same thing!

What is yo k1 in knitting?

k1, yo, k1 into the same stitch” is basically a double increase meaning that increases into the one stitch will result in three stitches, all originating from the same stitch.

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