Quick Answer: Can you get OCP pants tailored?

Can OCP pants be tailored?

The only uniform you’re allowed to tailor is the dress uniform. In fact, they encourage it. And you can‘t change the material. But the field uniforms, NO.

Can you get your military uniform tailored?

Uniforms may be tailored to provide a well-fitting, professional military bearing. They shall not be altered to the extent of detracting from a military appearance, nor shall they be tailored to the point of presenting a tight form fit.

Why are military pants so baggy?

They were cheap, protected soldier’s legs, and were also a lot easier to wear if your pants were tight at the bottom. At the same time, having looser pants around the thighs allowed freedom of movement that the tights they wore in an earlier century didn’t. So, there you have it.

How long should your OCP pants be?

Trousers will be fitted and worn with the lower edge of the waistband at the top of the hipbone, plus or minus ½ inch. The front crease of the trousers will reach the top of the instep, touching the top of the shoe at the shoelaces.

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Can Marines tailor their uniforms?

The MARINE Shop provides alteration services for both male and female uniforms, as well as and civilian coats and trousers. Alterations usually take 2-3 weeks to complete. Our well-trained tailors will inspect your items and determine the correct alterations required for a perfect fit.

Can you tailor your Air Force blues?

Get your jacket and pants tailored. There will likely be an alterations shop right next to your military clothing store that will do it cheap. You can get your shirts tailored too, but shirt garters are generally going to be enough.

Can you go to church in a military uniform?

Your dress uniform is the military equivalent of a civilian business suit or church clothes. Any function where civilians are dressed up (e.g., aforementioned church, or formal party) you are authorized to wear it.

What can you not do in army uniform?

Service members are also forbidden from eating, drinking, smoking, or wearing headphones or ear buds while walking while in uniform. As you might imagine, it would be pretty hard to render a salute and offer a respectful greeting while stuffing your face. There are also safety considerations behind these regulations.

Can you post pictures in uniform?

Yes. Its not very security conscious, but there are no regulations that prohibit sending pictures of yourself in your military uniform to people.

Why did German soldiers wear baggy pants?

Their intent was to allow flexibility in the hip and thigh while the more narrow lower portion worked well with riding boots and didn’t get caught up in stirrups. Believe or not but this sort of pants were designed for cavalry in Poland by company Colmex in 1920.

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Are army pants supposed to be baggy?

Your looking for tactical pants and not BDUs. As already stated multiple times, BDUs are supposed to be baggy, as well as some tactical pants. You probably should look into the world of tactical pants, maybe some marketed as “EMT” pants or maybe just hit up Walmart for some Dickies.

Why do Mounties have puffy pants?

The pants they wear are designed to be comfortable to wear while also providing the ability to run without difficulty. Their ceremonial uniform (that red uniform that most people think of) has the same type of pants.

Can you wear a black belt with OCP uniform?

When wearing the OCP uniform, does my undershirt, belt, and boots have to match? Answer: No. There is no requirement that the undershirt, belt, and boots must match. Each of these items may be either color.

Can you alter OCP uniform?

Alterations that affect the functionality of the uniform are not authorized, e.g., sewing down collars, or pockets. The OCP coat may be removed in the immediate work area as determined appropriate by local leadership, however, the OCP coat will be worn while interacting with customers/clients.

What is the difference between OCP and MultiCam?

Main Difference

From a visual standpoint, a MultiCam uniform will feature near-vertical elements that are known as twiglets. An OCP uniform has linear horizontal patterns across the body and no twiglets at all. Today, you will find that the Army, Air Force, and Space Force use OCP uniforms.

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