Question: How do you make a no sew Tshirt pillow?

How do you make throw pillows out of old pillows?

How to Turn a Bed Pillow into Throw Pillows

  1. Measure your pillow and cut it right down the center with your scissors. …
  2. Push the stuffing down into the pillows as far as you can get it, and use pins to hold it in place. …
  3. Turn the cut edges of the pillow cases inside about 1/4-1/2 inch and pin them together.

Can I use a shirt as a pillowcase?

Turn your t-shirt right side out and pop in your standard size pillow. I used a mens large t but if you have x-lg or bigger you can use them for queen and even king size pillows. They are great for summer sleeping when it’s warm and youy have to change your pillowcase more often.

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